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Those look like the tags on my Canali suit.
Standard practice is to wear socks of a color/tone close to the pants rather than matching the shoe. That way, when there is a glimpse of sock, it will be perceived as an extension of the leg and not the foot. Assuming that one would rather be seen has having longer legs vs. bigger feet. I am not a fan of whimsical dress, but since this is a celebratory event, you have a little bit of license to ignore the above and wear socks that add a dash of color -- maybe something...
You wore jeans to the office four days in a row, and you want to be MORE consistent?I'd say you're plenty consistent already. Plus, IMO, GQ-smart is a lot closer to hipster-ish than it is to classic business attire.
I wear a Rolex Datejust 1601, but I didn't pay a dime for it. I inherited it, and I was deeply honored that I was the intended recipient. If your friend can live with himself while gleefully wearing a fake Rolex, that's his choice. There's no law against being a douchebag. But would he bequeath that POS watch to a loved one? And, by the way, it's not that hard for those of us who know watches to tell fake from real.
If you like the look of Breitlings, but want something a little dressier on a brown leather strap, consider an Omega Co-Axial DeVille. Sporty, yet elegant. If you want something even more on the elegant side but with a sport history, I recommend the JLC Reverso. I think you can get steel models of each in your budget range. When you say you would like a "chrono" with a sweeping second hand, do you mean a chronometer or a chronograph? A chronograph's second hand, if it has...
1. Button stance way too high and lapel notch too high for my taste 2. Too wide in the shoulders 3. Hard to tell if sleeve length is OK by the way you're standing 4. What happened to the buttons on your shirt? 5. What happened to your tie? 6. Tuck in that pocket square
I'd say you missed my point entirely, and managed to confirm it at the same time.My point was: You consider "poorly dressed" to be Walmart or Sears attire. I consider "poorly dressed" to be the opposite of whatever you think simple shirts and boring shoes are. But I'm glad you got some positive reinforcement on wearing the RLBL suit. You have my sincere wish for good fortune with it.
It isn't about the designer or the make, it's about wearing well-fitting, well-made clothing and wearing them properly. Maybe you just dress badly the rest of the time, and people at the important business event were pleasantly surprised that you showed up properly attired. Your description of the shirt you were wearing as "simple" and the shoes as "boring" leads me to suspect this might be the case.
Of those watches, I would be most likely to wear the Seiko chronograph. Ordinarily I prefer a mechanical movement over quartz for a chronograph, but that's outside your budget. The Seiko is a good size -- not too large at 40 mm -- and is sporty yet refined. He'll be able to wear it with anything from jeans to a suit. He will like whatever you pick out for him.
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