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I'm in South Texas, which alternates between Saharan desert/Cambodian rainforest climate, depending on which way the wind is blowing. I recommend linen and cotton in light colors, staying out of the sun, and changing clothes often. I have made it through the past three summers without wearing shorts in public at all. If you're going to wear OTR chinos, shirts, etc., beware of stain-resistant or wrinkle-free treatments. Those seem to wear a lot warmer than regular cloth. I...
Depends on whether OP intends to wear them as Office Pants.
The fact that you included this disclaimer leads me to believe that you knew you were in for some abuse by posting the question, and knew in advance what the answers would be, but you posted the question anyway. So you're at least kind of provocative, if not an outright troll.Get a nice-fitting, comfortable pair of cotton chinos and shut the fk up.
I know I've ripped off this line from Esquire before on this forum, but it seems particularly appropriate here. Before wearing your black suit with a black shirt, pre-treat them by throwing them away.
Solid charcoal gray (but definitely not black) is also a good choice, but I'd lean toward that as a second suit, not an only suit. If he goes wild and wants a third suit, then he can think about pinstripes or glen plaid (maybe that's a fourth suit). I forgot to mention shoes: With navy or charcoal, the safest choice is black oxfords. I prefer captoes myself, but that's just me. Please don't let him wear some square-toed monstrosity.
I was going to say something snarky about how a gentleman should know how to select clothes, or at least ask for advice, without relying on his girlfriend. But it occurred to me that your boyfriend might know some other stuff that I don't know how to do, like do calculus. Everyone is good at something. Therefore: He should go to a quality menswear store or at least a nice department store and buy a quality solid navy blue suit. It will last him through several weddings,...
The easiest way to spot a fake Rolex is: They're always on the wrist of the kind of person who would wear a fake Rolex.
I don't get the problem. I think this would be an awesome look.Oh, sorry, wait. You're a dude? Then wifebeaters and looser shirts.
I thought of two more:11. I subscribe to magnificentbastard.com's n-2 rule for how many buttons to button on a polo shirt, where n = the total number of buttons on the shirt.12. If I were single, the formula I would use for determining whether a woman was too young for me to date would be the "half + 7" rule: Take half your age and add seven years -- that's the minimum.
Back to the non-rule rules: 1. If I wear a suit without a tie, I wear a patterned shirt. It looks less like I just forgot to put on a tie. Still, I do this as rarely as possible. 2. We are "business casual" at my office, but I wear a jacket or blazer or suit coat every day. No casual Fridays allowed. 3. I have casual cotton jackets that I wear in the summertime, but I don't pair them with nice wool trousers. Cotton goes with cotton. I have been known to wear a navy linen...
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