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Stains are a death sentence. Anything stained gets trashed. And I'm ruthless about items that no longer fit and can't be reasonably altered -- they have to go. But a little wear and tear just adds to the item's character. I have shirts with frayed collars and sleeves that I can't bear to part with, a heroic tweed overcoat that has been repaired numerous times, an ancient Burberry cashmere/wool scarf that sports a couple of subtle moth holes, etc. I'm also surprisingly...
Mrs. Luthor's opinions have evolved. First it was, "You dress like an old man," then it was, "You're vain," and now it's, "You certainly look handsome."
1. 100 percent of the time that you are wearing a double-breasted suit. 2. 25 percent of the time that you are wearing a single-breasted suit (notch lapel other 75 percent) 3. 50 percent of the time that you are wearing a dinner jacket (shawl lapel other 50 percent).
Given those choices I would choose chinos, because I find them far more comfortable (especially for being crammed onto a crowded flight) than jeans. They would look better, too. A nice pair of worsted wool trousers would be better yet.
Glen plaid Houndstooth Tweeds Courduroy if environment is casual enough Navy blazers of all manner (DB, SB, hopsack, flannel, linen, etc.) For sping/summer, unstructured cotton jackets in solid colors
"Unreceptive" is not the same as "wrong."
Overeducated Thug
Those look like the tags on my Canali suit.
Standard practice is to wear socks of a color/tone close to the pants rather than matching the shoe. That way, when there is a glimpse of sock, it will be perceived as an extension of the leg and not the foot. Assuming that one would rather be seen has having longer legs vs. bigger feet. I am not a fan of whimsical dress, but since this is a celebratory event, you have a little bit of license to ignore the above and wear socks that add a dash of color -- maybe something...
You wore jeans to the office four days in a row, and you want to be MORE consistent?I'd say you're plenty consistent already. Plus, IMO, GQ-smart is a lot closer to hipster-ish than it is to classic business attire.
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