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Couldn't help but think of the Blues Brothers: We got both kinds, country AND western.
If you make choices based on what is "just about back" or whatever, soon enough you'll be dumping your wide lapels the way you're currently dumping your micro lapels. Instead, make choices based on classic styles that flatter you. Do wide lapels look good on your body shape?
A school dance is one of the few places a black shirt might be appropriate, and I can't think of a better tie option with that getup than silver, so go with your instincts on that one. Avoid at all costs the temptation to wear a red tie. If you truly hate plain ties (but you're fine with wearing a tie with a black shirt?) maybe look for something in a diagonal stripe or microdot pattern. Is this college, high school, middle school? Is there a particular recommended attire...
Wearing French-cuff shirts without a jacket is an even bigger crime.
You'll be fine for a first date. Wear a different shirt (just about anything will work under a crew neck sweater) and brown shoes if you have them. If you don't have them, you'll still be OK just this once. Stick around here, read lots of threads, and apply what you learn. Soon you will get plenty of compliments on your attire.
What is the occasion? I think most people would tell you that "black dress shirt" and "black casual dress shoes" are misnomers, but I think I see what you're saying. White shirt is better than black in every use. By "typical pattern of white and gray diamonds," do you mean an argyle sweater? Crewneck, V-neck or cardigan? I'm not a fan of lighter-colored chinos ("khakis") in fall/winter, but that's me. Another personal preference of mine: peacoats should be navy. But what...
So much about this is just wrong.If you're going to wear a dinner jacket, wear a grown-up one to a black tie event. Do not wear a long necktie with a dinner jacket. Do not wear a shirt color other than white with a dinner jacket. Do not wear a dinner jacket to dress up a nice pair of jeans. There is no such thing as a nice occasion where jeans can be worn.That's the nicest way I can say it, believe me.
Ivory. It's supposed to be ivory. If you're in a good-size city, there should be an upscale standalone menswear shop there. They should have what you're looking for, and can even get it altered in time, but it will be costly. You may also have a nice resale/consignment shop which would be a good place to look. It won't be costly, but finding someone to alter the jacket in time might be a challenge. You are correct to shy away from something with "black lining on the...
I was at a wedding this past weekend where the groomsmen were not uniformly dressed, but they did have matching pocket squares. It will look fine. If it makes your bride-to-be happy and keeps you from looking like the inside of a tuxedo rental shop, go for it.
One doesn't. Why would one? One dresses in tropical style.
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