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Irish walking hat
This sounds very good. You have all good elements. Make sure all fit well -- fit is something that's often neglected but is crucially important to your look.
Ryan, Your taste in clothing is so underdeveloped that it's tempting to think that you're a troll, posting your questions just to aggravate the Classic Menswear forum. However, since I spent five years in Iowa in the 1990s, I suspect that you're quite sincere. It's good that you want to improve your style, but you're not necessarily moving in the right direction. One obvious issue is that the things you've chosen -- synthetic, logoed sporting gear and untucked fishing...
You should also think about suing your parents.
Hermes Man and Thrift Vader in the same thread. We live in blessed times, my brothers.
Even better, donate lots of money to charity. The events people will quickly send you invitations to black-tie galas.
I've been on TV.
It really depends on your workplace, but trousers and a sportcoat is a good combination most places these days. The easiest thing to start with is a classic navy blazer and some gray, olive and khaki trousers. Then move carefully into traditional patterned jackets. A gray herringbone is a good choice, as are glen check, houndstooth, etc. I would stay away from solid black for jackets, and black can also be tricky for trousers. Some people here will warn against navy...
I actually have a black shawl-collar cardigan. It's OK but less versatile than my navy, gray and green cardigans. Look into shawl collars if you want a classic, more refined look.
This kind of shoe already exists. It's called "take the train." Seriously, why would anyone go from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day by foot in dress shoes? Even if your feet didn't shrivel and die, the shoes soon would.
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