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The sale starts in just a few days -- I'm guessing about a week or less. The last one started around November 21, and now it's almost 6 months to the day. For large orders, I am asking $100 for a proxy. For smaller orders, $60. You'll still be saving a ton of money since most items will start immediately at 50% off. Some will be a little less like 30%... But I'll let you know the final price before I go through with anything. Most items will be on sale except anything...
I'm looking for a few pairs of shoes - particularly from Gucci, Fratelli Rossetti and Dries Van Noten. I'm curious if there are any users out there that know of other good online stores that are reputable and don't charge VAT or equivalent sales tax (usually 20% off). I know TresBienShop is pretty good but their selection isn't always the best. Other ideas I've come across are Massa Boutique, Luis Aviaroma and Raffaello Network. Any others anyone can recommend?:
And I'll be the first to admit it, me and probably many of us here obsess about stupid minor details that are meaningless in the long run. "Canvas or fused suit?! Life is so hard!"
It's not about it being too "cheap." It's about getting what you pay for. You can easily get a half-canvassed or even full floating canvas suit from some brands for that $2-2.5k price point. I'm just annoyed that they would advertise it as having that MSRP. If I want a fused/lined suit, I would just spend $800 and get a zzegna or something similar. (which I currently have one of and it's nice).
I've been talking to bluefly about the MSRP on their suit - they say $2200. I went to the Prada store here in NYC and they said something like that shouldn't cost more than $1500. They don't even carry fused/lined suits in the store here. Of course bluefly wont admit or mention it on the product page.
Thanks for the tip. Good to know about Bluefly... I'll probably pass on that one now then. How about this one from Mr Porter? I'm told that this Lanvin suit includes a "fully lined floating canvas". This is obviously much better than the Prada one from bluefly - but the price seems a little low.. .what am I missing in this?
let me rephrase.. i didnt mean it's a bad suit, but rather the "crap" that everyone talks about on these forums are usually fused. i think this one is half-canvassed. But at $2200 retail it seems like it's at a higher price point than some of the lower end prada's. i might take a gander on it and if it's not worth the money i'll just send it back.
do you mind if i ask how much your prada suit was? I was looking at one much like this one: in the description it says it's fused, but fully lined jacket. might be a listing mistake. retail price it says is $2295. I would assume this is the nicer line/belvest made? Or is this one still the cheap crap?
Let me know and I can help out. I am charging a fee but you'll still be saving hundreds of dollars. Let me know if you're interested by PM'ing me.
hey - is this stil available? what's the price now?
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