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i see what you mean but if the locations fit and organized right, its barely any effort and you save 30 dollars in this case. but yeah, if locations dont fit then you dont do it because hassle isnt worth 30 dollars.
they're having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion but there is only one shirt that looks good on me and i want to buy. anyone in nyc in the same boat?
thanks for the help with the sizing Ohhai
Ohhai and Finsen, thanks a lot for the replies about the fit of the skinny dark selvedge. Sucks that it stretched for one of you and not the other because now i have no idea if i should get my size or size down.
hi guys if someone happens to have gotten the raw denim jeans above, can you let me know how much the waist will stretch? want to know if i should size down from my normal gap size. thanks.
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