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Quote: Originally Posted by devin Can anyone suggest where to get a reasonably affordable (say, <~$60 USD) glove in the style here: Most interested in the natural color and the detailing on the back of the hand (that seems to be the hardest element to find). The reverse seams don't really matter. Have you tried LL Bean? The gloves have a rugged outdoor sportsman quality to them.
I would be very grateful for members' thoughts and critiques of this suit, Italian made, originally listed at $1K. I'm thinking about purchasing a new dark blue suit, to replace one that has seen better days. How versatile is the stripe? Thanks!,0&iccEmbed=0
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I hope it is picture's angles, but they look like orthopedic shoes for transgender tap-dancer. I blew latte out of my nose on this one....LOL Time for a new latte. But more power to the guy who made these. I'm impressed. Keep at it! I looked at the other shoes you have made and you have a consistent style and point of view, the mark of an artist.
Those Derwents are beautiful. I covet the Derwents.
Hah! "Wait" is the perfect answer. It's like a cancer that grows....
I've been lurking but just posted for the first time this evening (see introductions). How often does the group meet? I'm intrigued!
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