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Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt i like to show respect to the animals i eat. this includes addressing them by name while i chomp on their rumps. I am only that particular when I eat a pussy.
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt ..., know the name of the cow as well as it's diet, time of death, etc... This is funny, please elaborate on "etc", what else your butcher tells you? P.S. I don't buy my steak unless I know it's grand-parents names.
Price drop $105.00
I have nothing to add to this threak other than: "buy my shoes you chipskatez." No shitty Carmina here.
Fit true to US7.5, comes with original bags and box. $275.00+shipping Price reduced to 260.00 Now
This is gonna end badly for her. She will divorce that "back-up dancer" after desperation clears. But she still needs to win an Oscar for this disaster, otherwise her career is going to be bye-bye.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven happy nye to me. Lol, how did you get your hand s on one of these? They are so good, that is why all damn rappers and basketbold playeeeers drunk tham all.
Quote: Originally Posted by cocostella Please describe the taste without using the word "sweet".
Quote: Originally Posted by Beetleything Purse Forum makes some of the obsessives here look like amateurs......... quite an eye has been this's hilarious--all this fuss over 2 Forums (that we know about) about a Wallet. Just goes to show you that he is a big Fish. P.S. The only thing that can revive this threak are Russian-whores-stories from Courchevel, by that Ikarus guy who just came back.
Price reduction $280.00 +cost of shipping to your destination.
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