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Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I am thinking of re-painting my car grey. Is there a method or place one goes to to get Aston Martin or Bentley quality paint? This is a sure way to lower your car's value while waisitng around $4-5,000.
Lee Baron, Hong Kong
Quote: Originally Posted by misnomer Ran into leonard cohen in the dairy aisle at 1 AM. Didn't know what to do, so got my juice and proceeded to the checkout. He ended up behind me and I couldn't help but turn around again and made a little nervous nod, then he nodded back, and I left thinking "what the fuck, did that just happen?" I would harass that dude for authograph for sure. There are two musicians I would harass despite my antisocial...
I dislike the way he wears his hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by jenlain It seems that several of you are really trying hard to defend a system that keeps the price of art (particularly art by students) at prices that don't seem to be supported by the intrinsic value of the product. It is helpful to remember that we are often talking about someone with modest training who painted a picture over the course of a few hours. Unless the product is exceptional, I don't see why it should be...
Charlie should get a Grammy for not writing shitty music and partying like the biggest rock-star in US. Rock on Charlie!
Price drop 142.00 + cost of shipping.
Tonns of high end shoes :
Chukka boots Price drop $180.00 + cost of shipping
Price drop $33+shipping
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