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Americans are a malleable mass like no other.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire What % of Dems do you think know Lincoln was a Repub? What % of Repub. know what it meant to be a Repub. during Lincoln?
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I don't believe for a sec. that this is his private palace. The location, the golden Russian eagles everywhere, the formality of the building and interiors tells me ;this is official residence for government functions. I am sure Putin's real homes are all outside of Russia in places where we all would like to spend our two-week vacation plus some unused sick days..
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal I kind of like a few of those fixtures. Over the top but kinda cool. +1 I like the sink with black trace-figures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Huh? Ever hear of Edward R. Murrow? How about Walter Cronkite? Or Robert Capa? Not ringing any bells? Try Martha Gellhorn, Ernie Pyle, Andy Rooney or Homer Bigart. Idiot. You are just further making my point. I don't need your help.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt This thread makes me happy. It is about time we forced young, attractive women back into the house, and it is for their own sake, cause if they go out, especially in short skirts, they will probably get raped. Seriously, this thread is vile. You are not looking beyond the obvious. No one sent her to cover war-zones for 17 years. She chose this occupation cause she has an Amanpour syndrome. She is not a...
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterMetro Silver Medal - Tbilisi Wine and Livestock Festival Fuck, that is the festival I 'd want to attend. Georgian produce, wines and cuisine are the best. I drink a bottle of vintage Growers Champagne every Friday after work. It is a tradition at my house (Champagne night). I definitely agree that the taste and value is there. There are exceptional vintage Champagne wines that are sold in US for under...
Sustained sexual assault could be pretty much anything in a context that American society operates. Who else reporting this?
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter shoes are a huge sign of disrespect. like mooning would be to us The only people that should be embarrassed by these shoes are their owners. No Goodyear welted shoes=no democracy.
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