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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy all buildings in medellin will fly their flags half staff the day he passes away, plus they'll probably declare that day a holiday. Last living rock-star! Hail Charlie!
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy pirate moms? Would hit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk They're not operating out of speedboats. Those are carried to the target by the "innocent civilians." Historically the way to deal with pirates was to go after the ports that supported them. Say to the Somalis--if you won't stop harboring the pirates, we won't let you sail on the open ocean. Start confiscating their ocean-going boats. It'd really put them in a bind, 'cause I doubt they've got the industry to build...
At $140 it is considered a "high end".... ? 140.00 is a discounted price of Etro/Zegna/Baldesarrini/Piatelli/Borrelli/Brioni shirts with which i've never had aforementioned problems. High end shirts don't sell for 140.00 unless they are on deep discount.
Big article on Issa in New Yorker. Chronicling his rise to money (he is worth around 100mil), all I have to say for a convicted felon , thief, insurance fraud and general complete scumbag he did pretty well for himself and logically end up where the most successful scumbags belong: US government. Moral of the story: US is truly the land of opportunity Be all you can be, just don't get caught!
Egyptians cannot be barbarians, they built the Pyramids.
I hope it spills over into US. Amurikans have been oppressed by the two-party tyranny for too long.
Modern art is like modern poetry; has no rhyme, no mastery and no passion. Garbage in - garbage out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Wow, (s)he sounds like a total cunt. FTFY
I would not advise anyone to sail around North Africa in a small vessel loaded with bibles. We should see if Pope can make it ok by granting them sainthood.
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