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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy all buildings in medellin will fly their flags half staff the day he passes away, plus they'll probably declare that day a holiday. Last living rock-star! Hail Charlie!
At $140 it is considered a "high end".... ? 140.00 is a discounted price of Etro/Zegna/Baldesarrini/Piatelli/Borrelli/Brioni shirts with which i've never had aforementioned problems. High end shirts don't sell for 140.00 unless they are on deep discount.
Modern art is like modern poetry; has no rhyme, no mastery and no passion. Garbage in - garbage out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Wow, (s)he sounds like a total cunt. FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld New boots They fit you??? I've yet to meet a human who can put them on...
You prefer these Garcia cigars to Cuban cigars that are sold two blocks away from where you sit?
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai i appreciate you taking time out from trolling CE with rape jokes in order to share your opinion. Thank you for noticing my ART.
Quote: Originally Posted by olualbert In today's economic downturn, and I have reiterated this comment before, it makes perfect sense to acquire as much physical gold and silver as a substitute for declining dollar. It is a safeguard for our declining currency. It is only safeguard if you have enough morons who want to buy it from you at the higher prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai ^^ same artist (emilie halpern). that piece was originally a billboard project for LAXART You don't say. I like the deliberate placement of the car to juxtapose to nature but yet keep the same color balance of the peace. Amazing Art, would look great in any kitchen.
Price reduced on Brown Loafers 209.00 +shipping
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