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Hi guys, I have a Gitman Vintage White Oxford Shirt in medium. Shirt is in 8/10 condition, and hasn't been worn much. I had it tailored and shortened in the back, so take a look at the measurements. 30 OBO Shoulders: 19.25in Chest: 21.5in Sleeves: 24.5in Length: 28in
Hey guys, I have a pair of APC Black New Standards. 9/10 condition. $60 OBO Thanks for looking guys
Hey guys, I have two pairs of APC's for sale. First up, is APC Raw Black New Standards in sz28. They've been worn less than 10 times. $90 --> $70 OBO Measurements: Thigh: 10.5in Knee: 7.5in Leg Opening: 7in Next up, is a pair of APC Grey Petite Standards in sz30. They've only been worn a few times. Paid 200 retail for these. $100 --> $80 OBO Measurements: Thigh: 11 in Knee: 7.75 in Leg Opening: 7.25in
Hey guys, I have a pair of barely worn APC Grey Petite Standards in sz30. Don't really have a chance to wear them and looking to get rid of them. Paid 200 for these. 120 >> 90 OBO
Hey guys, you know these jeans. I have a pair of worn but unwashed APC black petite standards in 28. They were too small for me, and there is a slight tear in the crotch that I had repaired and reinforced. ' Measurements: Waist: 30 Thigh: 11 Leg Opening: 6.75 $85 60 OBO
Price drop
Hey guys, I have a pair of grey APC petite standards in 30. These jeans just couldn't make it into my rotation and have only been work a couple of times. I paid 220 for these, so just trying to recoup what I paid. Sorry for the IPhone pics. Price is 160 OBO
How worn are these?
Hey, sorry guys, I didn't even realize I forgot about all this stuff, I'm just looking for a quick sell so pm if you're still interested in pictures. The pants have been worn just a few times and are in good condition. Measurements: Waist: 16 inches Thigh: 11.25 inches Leg opening: 7.5 inches. Thanks guys.
Hey guys I have a pair of Unis Gio Chinos in khaki in sz 32. Looking to sell them for 100. Let me know guys.
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