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Nope, you were right, it was me. It's been a long time tho.Pandev keeps finding ways to stay in the mix, lol.
I'm surprised my login still worked.
Damn, can't believe this thing is still going.
Looks like they're going to eke it out after all.
Think you spoke a little too soon...
Glad we signed Zajac. Now slap the C on him and put him on the ice.
Can't wait to take my 9 month old boy to his first Devils game!
In all seriousness, I completely understand what the poster formerly known as NYR is talking about. I live 10 miles from the Prudential Center and I'm psyched about taking my son, who is now six months old, to his first Devils game. It is nice to have the team be a part of the community and to have players that participate in making the community a better place. And I fully agree about the teams having to work to keep their fans. I might have become a Brooklyn Nets...
I was offered a fifth row seat to the fights the other night at the Barclays Center. I declined on principle. The Isles can move wherever they want - we all know who the most successful hockey team is in the New York City metro area
Everyone knows that if you want a hit done right you need to bring in some Sicilians straight from the old country.
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