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Holding my nose, and jumping into the "don't feed the trolls" deep end of the pool...I sympathize with you not getting the service that you were promised and paying for but mistakes do happen; that doesn't mean the company is completely incompetent". I've personally had a couple of purchases from them that were perfect, clearly they can do things right.Why not take your situation and call them up and speak to a manager? I'll bet they'll make it right (or, as right as...
I was recently lamenting the fact that I didn't pick up an Outlier Supermoon vest when they were out a year or two back - in retrospect, I now see it as the perfect hiking "active" vest - so I went hunting for alternatives and found, well, virtually nothing. Like the Marmot LP jacket above, I wanted something kinda classic: primarily wool, non tech, non puffer. Something I could hike in cool to cold weather with and throw a jacket over if nec. Honestly, there aren't...
any codes out there? hovering on a trigger pull...
Whew, cool - thanks all!
Thank you! The lack of positive reinforcement was making me second guess; just a bit.
[headscratch] I just added them as part of my order and they were in my basket with the shirt. Maybe you've confused the site; empty the basket and start over?Yep, exactly. Messy, but it worked - got my swatches today
IIRC there were multiple "Additional Services" items, like in $1, $5, $10, $20 increments I had a bunch so I got 2 x $20 sets and put 20 entries in each for a total of 2 $20 Additional Services with 20 swatch requests in each.
I'd be interested in some initial hands-on impression as well as longer term info. Loake doesn't seem to get high marks on the SF approval scale, but those look nice enough to me.
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