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Thanks much Marble, but it can't just be me and you and some others, it needs to be more, more, moar.I was thinking over the weekend (while posting in this thread yet again) "why am I doing this?". I thought I'd share my not-too-deep rationale in case any others need some motivation...I've gotten a ridiculous number of great deals on B&S. Heck, about a quarter to one-third of my wardrobe is from B&S. And quite a few are "stellar" pieces. I'm an aspiring mid-timer who...
Edward Green Galways in Oak Calf and Mink Suede. Need I say more? Edward Green Galway UK10.5 F New Price Drop
I'm not an expert on the brand, but doing some research after Spoo's post, there's definitely been some prints like:This was a Dane collab with Swami that I'd be all over if it was avail:
Aww, no jiggy prints?
I think that's what Spoo's reaction was when he got a tip on them too; quite the unicorn, eh?
If you're asking about my sock purchase above, I stumbled into them on ebay. Sorry, but I don't know if or where else they can be had online or in-store.
Yeah, now that's how it's done
Sometimes, it's the little things. With 97% cashmere,my feet are already wishing for winter...
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