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I'm neither an Adelaide nor a Monk man, myself. But I must say the Addy's have such a great finish in such a beautiful shade, I can look past it. And the monks are in a great, versatile shade too. Congrats!
Alex + co., I'm on the cusp for the Carmina Modern Classic in Brown (from here: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-modern-classic-in-brown) but it occurred to me that it looks like there's no burnishing on the toe, which seems odd (funny how that's now become a semi-standard look; or at least I've come to expect it). Just double checking to see if that's really the case or maybe the pics aren't picking it up. I'm sure I can darken them...
If I hadn't finally scored myself some light grey linen trousers last year I'd be super jealous of yours. But, congrats on making it into the "F' them who say light gray is to formal for linen!" club
Rats. These just arrived and the construction, the materials, the fit is all great, great. But the whoe shoe has a reddish "cast" about the color that I just don't care for. It's almost like a faint red clay sort of color. It's subtle, but I can tell it's enough to bug me to where they will sit in the closet and never make it into rotation.I'm going to try them on with some things over the weekend and see if I can set myself straight, but if not then - sigh - back they...
I've registered a lot of distaste from the igents for pocket squares worn folded "square" with just a straight "bar" of it showing above the pocket. Personally, I see it as a fine option; hence the bonus points for bucking the crowd a bit from another angle, since the tie combo was already pushing the envelope for some.
+1+1 again.As someone who's a stickler for sleeve length (and I need a solid 35"+, which is hard to come by OTR) I wash+iron+wear every shirt at least twice before I do any alterations. I learned the hard way after having a couple of beloved shirts altered immediately after purchase and after a couple of cleanings they were too small, short, tight, whatever.
At the quantity you're at, it's schwag
I spy some subtle battle scarring; looks good.
Mid-timer admiring from afar here, but given my second and third hand SF sourced Napoli knowledge I've gleaned over the years, that's picture perfect Spalla, no?
No joke, the first time I remoted into a server with a Metro UI and wanted to log off - you know, [windows] button > "log off" - I literally had to google how to do it. Oh, it's the [windows] button > click the little person+name icon in the upper right, and there's a logoff option.There is no way somebody looks at that screen and has any visual indicator that the "person" icon in the upper right has any functionality whatsoever. You literally have to be...
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