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Hmm, somebody got creative - I dig it. Especially that navy+white check in the upper right; spot on.
@ccallis quick q - I'm on the cusp on pulling the trigger for my first couple of PC shirts but have a few minor adjustments that I didn't see a way to express - like having the top button adjusted down by .5" or having the collar button+hole deleted. Is PC able to accommodate customizations such as those and, if so, how does one go about it? (since I haven't gone through placing an order, if there's some sort of notes section on the last step I just haven't gotten to it)
I'm an athletic 50 and toyed with the idea of buying and getting it re-cut. But of the few times I've tried that I never had great results, and one or two ended up being a total loss and donated. I'm not going to roll those dice again without better odds...
I mean no disrespect, but to a western english speaker that address almost reads like an insult.
Note that while it's listed as a 56, it measures much smaller; 54s and 52s, maybe even stout 50s should consider it.Search the NMWA thread for more sizing info.
@A Shine and Co That's in the running for the best 4th post ever.
My thoughts, exactly.
No prob, plus I'll add that I've enjoyed that strategy over the past few years on SF. Many of my mistake purchases were still able to fetch back mostly/all what I paid for them; in almost every case I was able to turn that back around into another purchase that was better. Granted, I had to sit on them and wait for a buyer - sometimes for quite a while - but in the end I don't think I've ever gotten stuck with anything that was a real hit.That's actually a big upside...
Great deal, yes - but p2p of 21.5 on a 40 kills it for me. Ok, ok, maybe I need to hit the bench more...
Good point, sounds right.
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