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With almost 24 hours without a post, I wonder if the NMWA crew is: 1. taking a well deserved breather 2. tediously measuring, photographing, and primping a veritable mountain of fantastic things to be unleashed 3. have channeled their inner Python to run-wild in the streets with an impromptu "Popover's Rule!" fest (#3 is just plain silly)
Obligatory: pics or it didn't happen.
I've got my fingers crossed that my Mazzy and Schneider jacket will land today too
Not to derail the thread, but no, no relation to epilepsy and no probs at all with strobes, flashing lights, etc.. I've had problems with my inner ears since early childhood and - as far as anyone can tell - that's where my issues stem from.
No joke, I'm very susceptible to motion sickness from the sort of visual stuff that doesn't bug anyone else, and I can't look at that. Just seeing the pattern for a few secs and I can sense that inner twitch that means a headache or worse is coming if I don't stop. Seriously, I'm not sure if it would have the same effect in real life - maybe I'm reading it that way now because of it being 2D'd flat on a screen - but if it did, I wouldn't want to have it in my line of...
Here in Orlando, flannels are already packed, even my heavier oxfords are starting to be retired for the season.I'm jealous of your weather and envious of your gear.
That color combo looks just spot on perfect. Wow.
+1 - I've had an earlier model, the Brother HL-2170W, sitting here for -what - 3+ years? Bulletproof, fast, reliable, never a problem. My wife's a litigator who's still more comfortable marking up paper than online so she prints a lot. It's one of those things that's just been such a solid little troublefree workhorse that I forget about it, which is a good thing.
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