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Would snag if the sleeves were unfinished; damn bespoke!
In dress sizes maybe, but not in alpha sizing.
As an aside, there was a huge dump of fantastic Jay Kos stuff I think aruond a year after I joined SF - so around '09, '10 ish. I didn't know anything about the name but a little google showed he was an altelier of sorts in NYC who made really, really good stuff. Sometimes a little offbeat, but always high quality. I think he was closing his store at the time. Regardless, the seller talked me into some shirts (tagged at like $350, $400 that he was selling in the...
[...patiently awating the Kamigata restock...]
Nice. I jumped on it when VHC's last DiBianco batch came through but there wasn't anything left in my size that I wanted; and I was left huffing at some that I would have taken but others were quicker on.Congrats!
Well done!
One of the best question and answer set I've ever read.
NIce tie, but that jacket is
Wow, she is a keeper!
I feel like you're working me over about my adelaide aversion.... lookin' good.
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