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Greg+co - just wanted to say thanks much for the Founders deals. I'm not in for anything this go 'round but I still wanted to y'all for the deals. The way things read to be flying off the shelves, you're not going to miss my sitting on the sidelines anyway
Y'know, I thought about PSA'ing something like "STF just got a buncha shirts!" but then I thought, those who pay attention in the right places, they'll spot it I might still do it, but only after the in-crowd here gets their shot first.
...and, after Yoox, I breezed through ShopTheFinest who apparently just got a boatload of Barba's. With all my staples already well covered, I snagged an "alternative" type grey'ish brown with a subtle nailhead. I think it's going to be interesting to see how/where I can work it in. As an aside, this is the first Barba I can think of that I've seen with double button cuffs.
A couple of quick grabs from the Yoox sale that were cheap enough I just couldn't pass up. Tonello DB in light flannel for the coming winter (like I don't already have enough winter stuff that I don't get to wear...) ...and a simple blue Mazarelli shirt. Haven't gotten one from Yoox, so here's hoping it's the same quality as my other Mazzy's and not some down-market version.
Spoo needs to enlist some Yoox caliber models, like this:
^^^ I am smitten.
@ellsbebc Looks great, and congratulations to you and your new wife!
Top. Notch. Quad slayer: I feel like a chump; my supplies are in repurposed shirt boxes. Nice enough boxes, but not like this!
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