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I'd be interested in some initial hands-on impression as well as longer term info. Loake doesn't seem to get high marks on the SF approval scale, but those look nice enough to me.
You're right, I was hemming/hawing a bit since I wasn't first party to the events (in which case I'd react just like you).But, upon reflection and jreigen being 100% solid with me, you're right - it's a big, black mark..If JR feels as strongly, I'm all for him chiming in with a little name and shame so we're all forewarned. Again, assuming the seller (cough) doesn't come around (cough) to his senses (cough-cough).
Assuming the seller accepted your offer - it sounds like he gave you his email to paypal to* - then it's a dick move on his part. Once the deal is done, it's done - doesn't matter that Joe Blow shows up 10 mins later with a wad of cash in his hand.Your seller just got a small black mark in my book. Can you still leave trader feedback? I would. In fact, I'd mention it to him before doing so to see if he comes around to reason.* I had a situ once where someone who had...
Heading up north for some hiking in the Adirondacks and White Mountains in a month or so. Wanted a new jacket, wool based, that could take the elements and was still relatively classic (not tech poly stuff). Lo and behold, snagged a Marmot Asgar in Loro Piana 100% waterproof wool with fully taped seams and two layer construction. Looks to fit the bill perfect. Nowhere near as nice as Jakezero's Roadster above, but better suited for the woods and wilds.
Congrats on the EGs and +1 for setting the record straight; no harm, no foul.
No joke, so do I. In FL I'm not sure I'll ever get the chance, but it's in my winter stuff just awaiting the chance. It's so F'n nice.
I got one of these on Shop The Finest a couple of years back and absolutely love it. I recently crowed a PSA about it when one popped up on Yoox a couple of months back see my info here Surprise - Whusurdadi has one (maybe he snagged the Yoox one I mentioned?). If you want a down puffer vest, in a fantastic wool tweed/tic weave, by Borelli no less - nice enough to pass for a Cucinelli - this is the one. NWT Borrelli 100% wool down filled vest size 50 / Medium
That's because they are classic.
These are so hot that even though I have more flannel than I can wear (I'm in Florida) I still have to fight the urge to buy 'em. NWT Thick grey flannel trousers by Incotex for Kent & Curwen in 34" & 36" And, speaking of Florida, here's a nice Cooch pickup for someone else in warmer climes. Worn once to a wedding and now on the market. Mint Brunello Cuccinelli cotton tan herringbone suit 50R
I'm on the hunt for an active wear vest like Outlier's discontinued Supermoon from a few year's back. I liked it at the time but sat on the fence long enough for it to get away (@#$%). Hmm - if you've got a large or extra large and want to part with it, shoot me a PM! I definitely want something in wool or a wool blend and can be used in the real world for hiking and such. I'd appreciate any leads because I'm coming up empty.
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