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Sounds great, but - whoa, wait, did you say:Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww, yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh. In what what color(s)? I might be buying more than 1!Nada, just a meme shot I got online that I thought reflected my "waiting patiently" pense.
Whether it's the camera, lenses, or time, I'm happy to see you've gotten your DOF fetish under control. Much, much better pics (I've meant to say it for a while, this was just a good opportunity).Oh, does this shot make me pine for winter'y days...
Would snag if the sleeves were unfinished; damn bespoke!
In dress sizes maybe, but not in alpha sizing.
As an aside, there was a huge dump of fantastic Jay Kos stuff I think aruond a year after I joined SF - so around '09, '10 ish. I didn't know anything about the name but a little google showed he was an altelier of sorts in NYC who made really, really good stuff. Sometimes a little offbeat, but always high quality. I think he was closing his store at the time. Regardless, the seller talked me into some shirts (tagged at like $350, $400 that he was selling in the...
[...patiently awating the Kamigata restock...]
Nice. I jumped on it when VHC's last DiBianco batch came through but there wasn't anything left in my size that I wanted; and I was left huffing at some that I would have taken but others were quicker on.Congrats!
Well done!
One of the best question and answer set I've ever read.
NIce tie, but that jacket is
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