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O'Connells Clothing is having a big 30% off Alden this week, and ups to 40% off next week. Unfortunately there's nothing that I need, but there's more than enough models avail that I would think somebody could use it: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/home.php?cat=339&sort=orderby&sort_direction=0&do_not_use_navigation=Y
That's a boat load of day-um + high fives, but the Castagnia with the subtle self stripe and/or texture is particularly nice - enjoy!
I don't think this has been mentioned yet... Overall I'm up and down on Billy Reid but he does pop out some real winners, like this NWOT Donegal Grey Tweed 3/4 length coat. MMMmmmmmmm.
I love, love me some Islay. Congrats +
Thanks Greg!
Greg - any chance the make up of these new rotas^^^ will be a bit more relaxed - generous in the rise and maybe less slim in the leg - since they'e warm weather oriented?
Cripes; I don't think I've ever seen a linen done in a twill before. That looks super nice!
I like! +congrats on getting back home
Greg - can you comment on the differences,if any, between the MTO linen pub jacket and the "Pure Linen Jacket" on Inis's site currently here: http://inismeain.ie/product/pure-linen-jacket-dark-natural. Appreciation in advance!
In. Sta. Ban.Instaban.
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