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Good q, I hadn't thought about those of you who don't have access to the store. Probably the easiest thing to do is peruse the online catalogs for items you're interested in and then ask them about those. Here's links to their online catalog for FW 2013/2014 (note that the store carries men's and women's):Men: http://www.brunellocucinelli.com/en/collections/fall-winter-2013-2014/menWomen:...
I got a tip from my local Cucinelli outlet rep that they are preselling for their President's day sale next week which is -60% off sale prices for all the FW 2013 stuff (as an outlet they are 1 year behind retail). Since they're already set up to handle remote purchases - they'll email/fax you a CC form and then ship for a nominal amount ($15 IIRC) - I mentioned that he should post on the forum. He wasn't familiar with it, so I told him I'd PSA for him. If you're...
The shirt was great ...... but that tie.
Adding image out of necessity. If this strikes someone's fancy, you have 7 days (per seller) to fulfill your heart's desire.
This is The True;Marblehouse stocks the highly desirable stuffs and I can personally confirm he is an excellent seller.
...and, I finally got off the fence to take a swing at my first pair of suede shoes. I became enamored of Alden's CityMoc and/or Olstead model (I think they are the same?) when I missed out on Leffot's short run in chromexcel last year, seeing them pop up in a snuff suede had me thinking "Will I be pissed if I miss these? Yes, yes I would." ... trigger pull. Perusing other's pictures of Alden's snuff suede, it seems to run the gamut from mid-brown to a light tan,...
Been way to busy to keep poasting, but have still managed to lurk B&S quite a bit. Jaw dropped this morning when I saw NIB EG Chelsea's in delicious antique dark oak for about half price. if they were my size you would instead be seeing my post in "recent purchases" about my first pair of Chelsea's on the way... I'm so jealous, but at $590 someone should snap these up with a quickness.
That dark oak is the perfect color. And the Chelsea is the perfect biz shoe. If these were in my size, I would break the piggy bank.
Congrats on the new site. No probs to report from my end, I just coincidentally went to peruse this morning and thought "Wow, big change!" and thought I'd check in on the thread.
These are hotness.I am jealous.
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