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...and, couldn't resist pushing some more Vosh: Vass Austerity Brogues, F last, size 44 EU
And while we're back up in the high end, this gem - for the right gent - has been dangling around for too long. NWT Borrelli Leather Vest,Cashmere lined
"Give away" pricing means different things to different people. Still, this may be as close as it gets for a NWT BC wool/cashmere overcoat. NWT - Brunello Cucinelli Overcoat - Give Away Pricing
Good info, you upped my insider's knowledge game - thanks for sharing!ps - I only recently noticed you being listed as a "staff member" at the bottom of the B&S forum. Add that to your recent posts where you're actually doing some SF related work beyond just being a seller, and it looks like you're actually part of the SF team? How'd that come about? I'm curious only because I only thought you were "just a seller" but now it looks like you're doing a lot more than that....
The construction point - got it, I missed that, thanks!The price - I saw the price relative to the others, but wasn't sure if that was solely because of the leather.I'm looking forward to see if someone can answer your question about the leather source above
This is both nice and on the very affordable side of the fence. For those who don't know, Southwick is another one of those staple, old school, menswear manufacturers that produces items for other labels. They make solid quality, garments, not junk fashion. And J Press, the brand they made this suit for, is another old school, prep/trad brand that was birthed out of Yale. Get yer Fall/Winter self ready with this baby. Southwick for J Press 38R 100% Wool Gray Flannel...
I'm interested + fence sitting, but does anyone know the quality these are made to? In the past, I thought MTOs were always to the LM standards but the new site/format doesn't say. Does anyone know?ps -if meermin is reading:The new site looks great!I think the MTO feature is a great idea as a consumer and a good bit of marketing on your end; very smart!
I don't think there's any standard, I just tossed it in my sig at some point because it seemed like a good idea. Fine by me if you copy it - go right ahead!It's too late for me to get it ™ 'd
New Posts  All Forums: