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$650 CONUS (retail was $2.1K). Firm, I'm already taking a hit on it.I bought this earlier a season ago on final sale it hasn't made it into rotation. It deserves better than to hang in my closet forever.This is a true 3-piece suit in a warm 95% wool + 5% cashmere that I would gauge as in-between light and mid weight flannel, leaning towards mid (and I'd say a true mid weight effect if you're wearing the vest with the jacket).Part of Hickey Freeman's mainline Mahogany...
Hmm, ok; I never thought about it before but it makes sense. Does that generally mean that those left on the the lasts longer will retain their their shape longer/better (all other things being equal)?
I don't know the answer, but I'm curious as to know what the importance is behind the question?
Wow, on a lot of fronts. Most impressive.
SOLD!I've amassed a $699 credit at ShopTheFinest that I'm willing to let go for 10% off @ $640 (paid via paypal as a gift, please).No tomfoolery, you will get a single code which does not expire or lose value that you can use at checkout worth $699 (if you don't use it entirely, they will email you a new code with the balance for future purchases). I'm happy to forward my message from Ian (the owner) about the credit as "proof". If necessary, I can coord you...
I just wanted to say that I've got a pair of those and they are my favorite all around dress shoe. Just a touch of brogue'ing and the dark brown is versatile enough to go with just about everything.
From the peanut gallery, as one who has never run an online store and is speaking only as a consumer, I hate those things. If, for no other reason, the flow is wrong. If I've just arrived at your store for the first time, I probably went there to look at something. The sudden "give us your email" (even politely cajoled) gets in the way of that. Sure, a quick click off or press esc to dismiss, but it's already gotten in my way, why make me take yet another step to do...
Thanks, I missed that (fixed!). It's exactly 30" from BOC.
Ditto. Ugh.
Noted. I have nothing to currently part with, but LS ops will be their destination when I do.
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