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...you aren't the first person to say that
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You are not alone. Search this thread to find many previous examples. Going in, that's part of the gamble of buying overseas shoes that you can't try on locally...If nothing else, hopefully your experience helps some other first timers.
Congrats! Gotta love that feeling when you're excitedly tracking something to land tomorrow and, lo and behold, the shipping gods drop it today.
Isn't the mirror finish, built out of wax, waterproof itself?
It suddenly feels like old skool B&S up in here.
I bought both of these late last season and thought they fit perfect. Unfortunately, I've put on some mass in the intervening months that I'm intent on keeping, whcih makes the cotton one now a bit too snug and the linen one still fits ok but I just don't think is me. If it doesn't move, I'm going to adjust my attitude and give it a go. Prices are CONUS. They will ship USPS Priority Mail. Buy both and I'll knock off $20. Thanks, but no offers please. Please ignore...
I'm jealous that you're somewhere that you are still wearing flannel. Here in central Florida, I was in a cotton-linen shirt yesterday...But I digress, nice shoes.
After all these years I finally just snagged myself a couple of KW polos - a navy and white. As I was unpacking and reviewing the last of the summer stuffs, I realized I needed a couple of new polos. My staple has been the standard RL polo for as long as I can remember, so this is stretching my casual summer wings a bit. Looking forward to them already...
$650 CONUS (retail was $2.1K). Firm, I'm already taking a hit on it.I bought this earlier a season ago on final sale it hasn't made it into rotation. It deserves better than to hang in my closet forever.This is a true 3-piece suit in a warm 95% wool + 5% cashmere that I would gauge as in-between light and mid weight flannel, leaning towards mid (and I'd say a true mid weight effect if you're wearing the vest with the jacket).Part of Hickey Freeman's mainline Mahogany...
New Posts  All Forums: