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Quick update on the Finamore sportcoat - since it's all positive (really!) I figured I'd post here. The short answer - I don't see where they cut corners to get to this price point. The fabric is very nice (a melange brown/cream birdseye) and the construction is, dare I say, excellent? It's lined a wisp in the shoulders and then down the sleeves, nicely stitched (the barely lined shoulders look to be a little more difficult than the usual 1/4 lined). The unlined...
would need 34 plus cuffs (6'3" has it's upsides ... abundant supply of B&S trousers in appropos length is not one of them)
I think I've come to prefer flapless (jetted?) pockets on DBs. The flaps add too much visual weight at the waist contributes to the "boxy" appearance; my eye says removing them lends to a sleeker look.
(...finding excellent suit deal with too short trousers...)
No prob, I'll drop you both a note.That's exactly what I'm looking for including the less-fuss/less-worry aspect. I've found that some of my best items go hanging instead of worn because of (overly concerned?) worry and fret. I'm evolving to still wanting decent-or-better quality (on the SF scale) but it has to be wearable and not precious; these looked to fit the bill.
Question 4 puts my scam alarm through the roof; I highly doubt that's actually from STF but I'd asap contact them to confirm or deny. And if it's not from them, I bet they will be highly interested in what scammer is targeting their customers.
I just snagged this Finamore jacket, feel free to ping me for details - should have it in hand by Monday. Like you was a little hesitant, but was willing to roll the dice a bit since I've already got credits at STF:
Funny you should mention that... on the large waistcoat I orderred, it was originally marked as shipped and to be delivered in 3 days. When 3 day came and went, I noticed a message in my inbox that said something like that they had misjudged and would have to get me one from their European operations. The message looked like a personal one in that it was from a customer service rep, by name, and with a phone number + extension to boot. I wasn't in a hurry so that was...
Quick note about returns, sizes, and availability... I ordered the gray cashmere waistcoat when the only thing left was a large. Looking at the measurements, I felt like I was between a medium and a large, but through the L was close enough to take a shot. Upon receipt, I very much liked it but it was definitely just a bit too big; rats! Went back online and it wasn't shown any more and links to the product page showed it as totally sold out. I did my return as a...
+1 same here, just returned something last week and that's how it went down.
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