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I'd thought of that but wanted to ask here first to avoid bugging them with another "Is it done yet?" email, but your tact sounds good. If I get some sort of eta (1 week, 3 weeks, whatever) then I can at least stop hovering.
@Thrifter I missed the fireworks but no harm, no foul @Beatlegeuse Thanks for info, I guess I'll keep hitting refresh until I see "fulfilled!" ...and now I feel guilty for having thought at previous posters who have waited far longer "c'mon, it's a shirt, it takes time; relax".
You're absolutely right; I'm not sure what I was thinking... doh.
+1 again, plus some deer bone might help, just like with shoes.
Personally, I like the fact that when viewed from the side, forward pleats are cleaner since the opening is hidden (towards the fly). Reverse pleats, opening outward, show the inside of the fold which, to my eye, looks a tad bit messier even if they are laying perfectly flat.That said, I read somewhere that if you really want pleats for the comfort of added roominess, forward pleats provide less of it that reverse pleats; I think the thought was that the additional...
Ok, at only 2.5 weeks I'm getting antsy for my order (even though I proclaimed a few pages back that I was prepared for the first order being a longer than usual one) but I'm curious, is there any order status between "unfulfilled" and "fulfilled", like "in progress"?
I suspect you're going to get what you pay for. Take a good look at the edge of the tongue in this picture (from their plain brown captoe, here), looks like it got mauled. And that's the shoe they thought was worth taking a picture of (makes me wonder what you'll get in the mail...) If you look closely at the other pics, you can spot other problems and mismatched photos. If you don't mind rolling the dice for $150'ish pair of beaters, then maybe, but I think there are...
All nice but......this is the A fall season killer; what will that not rock with? Congrats!
I wasn't aware of the founding relationship to Kiton, interesting.
While I've fallen off the horse in bumping this thread, I'm thrilled to see that others are keeping it rolling. I've got some family matters that will keep me mostly unplugged the next week or so; here's hoping everyone else keeps up the great work!
New Posts  All Forums: