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Sorry if this has been clarified before, but I couldn't find it.... I'm enthusiastically looking at the MTO Lightweight Wool trousers here: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-made-to-order-trousers-lightweight-wools but I'm really confounded by some of the measurements. While it seems weird to me that all waists would have the same rise I can still see it as legit (odd, but legit). Where as the thigh measurements, as described taken straight across the bottom...
So wish this was these were in my size
Classy. Classic. Hawt. I feel a little jealous.
Ahhh, thanks for pointing that out!
Thank you - this tipped the deal for me!
Here's hoping the original req: for the austerity boot makes the cut.I didn't see anybody mention it, I'm still hunting a grey and think the budapester in a grey/charcoal would kill; it could be the one.
Hmmm, I've been on the fence with these for what seems like forever (a year?).The photos are appreciated, but am I the only one who thinks these look like calf? I'm not saying anyone made a mistake, I'm just saying there isn't that depth of color or even roll to the creases that I'm accustomed to with shell. Is it that they are black, is it the photos, or Is it just me?
While NMWA keeps the amazing stuffs coming I felt compelled to repost this again for good measure. It's just so damn good. Hope nobody minds revisiting it. Cantarelli cream, brown & grey gun check wool, linen, silk & cashmere sport coat
Ultimately he knows this; he's just trying to walk a finer line.If you're not a sock puppet then Welcome to SF!Ahhh, ramie. I'd forgotten about that like bamboo, thanks!Good thoughts.Thanks for all the input but yes, I'm thinking in most situations there it would be acceptable at least.
That link is so not cool. Geez, check out the detail on that micro, micro puppytooth!They even make a denim shirt look pro:I can see why your wallet got upset.
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