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Some Lobb's that are .... oh my. New Shoes added !!!The John Lobb Enthusiast thread
Vass Size 42 MegaThread - U and F last - Monks & Derbies 5 Suits (Brioni, Zegna, 3x Isaia for Paul Stuart) - 100% Donation to CareerGear.org Luxire Eidos Sal Inspired Summer Cream Trouser size 48IT/33-34US Marcoliani and Sozzi socks
Classic. +bonus points for the snazzy trous.
...and then, in celebration of the tool purchase (above), I trimmed trees. A lotta trees. 3 stories worth of oak and magnolia booming spring growth overhanging and brushing the house's eaves that I just hadn't noticed until today. Done!
This is a little premature because buying tools in and of itself isn't manly, but putting them to good use will be. Going to finally get off my arse and do some semi-serious DIY house projects. Being a noob I've been relentlessly reading and you-tubing ahead of time and have definitely seen the wisdom of investing in good tools, so just bought these - a Festool C15 drill and a FEQ 150 sander No, I'm not a Festool fanboy, but after a couple months of research and...
I know nothing of that boot, however I do own a boot by Ron Rider in a similar shade that is, hands down, the single most versatile casual shoe I own. I only mention it because I suspect you'd get the same range of use out of the CJs.
(thinking out loud) Hmmmm, to my eye I think it could also work with a range of blue trousers from faint light pastel blue to some mid range, like a washed out navy. Maybe even with jeans (???). I hadn't noticed the thin blue pane on it until I posted the pic, that could actually work against blue trous if it looks too matchy... A jacket like this requires this sort of pre-planning to make sure one is viewed as you wearing it, not it wearing you.
This deserved a repost with an inline image for full effect. It's not for everybody, hell it's probably not for many, but it is beautiful.
moar moar moar PRICE DROP NWOT Sartoria Partenopea Navy Suit Fits 38/40R New Ermenegildo Zegna, Kiton Trousers 32-34 Finamore Herringbone Denim Stormwashed Shirt 14.75/37 Brunello Cucinelli - Double Zip Briefcase (Big Timer Alert) Drop 4-2 DROP BIG TIMER Alert - Loro Piana Snowdream Walk Boots. Drop 03-30 FIRE SALE Trickers Robert Derby Beechnut Tan shoes size 11 (11UK) BORRELLI NAPOLI HAND TAILORED GRAY NERANO SUIT 36 SHORT 36S 46 BEAUTIFUL
No prob, and I can appreciate that. My comments weren't that it was good or bad, just that it wasn't right for me. But that's why you're directing a successful creative venture and not moi
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