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Great deal, yes - but p2p of 21.5 on a 40 kills it for me. Ok, ok, maybe I need to hit the bench more...
Good point, sounds right.
Why does it seem that the Vass market is imploding? With box, bag, and lasted trees, these are a steal. If only they were in my size.... Vass 43.5 10D Brown Wingtip U last shoes
@David Reeves ^^Nice, and looking to have just a tight enough weave to stay white; I hate it when a white linen shirt reads as pink.
Screw teh JLs, he's got these G&Gs that I coincidentally gushed over just a few hours ago. I've seen other G&G Astaire makeups and never really cared for them - but these look to be the perfect blend of dark brown calf and suede. Just knockin' it out of the park.GAZIANO & GIRLING ASTAIRE
I'm not normally a G&G fan; super high quality but the aesthetics don't usually work for me. But, Lord have mercy, these are hot.
I sized up for my boots which are on the 490 Last.fyi: Ron's last info + suggestions are here: http://riderboot.com/lasts-sizes/
I've had my eye on a couple of Campanile's over the years but never managed to pull the trigger. if these were in my size, they'd be my first go 'round. Very nice - good luck with sale!
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