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Lookin' good, Justin
Quality presentation +1.
Thanks, good to know.I don't doubt DLC's quality since its been attested too so often, but I think KW+DLC could do with some better pics. Comparing the two from a picture standpoint and ignoring stylistic differences, the Carmina looks better.
You've got quite the apple and orange to compare there. The Carmina is a full brogue, while the KW/DCL is a 1/2 or 2/3 brogue. Plus, the Carmina is a wingtip while the KW/DCL is a captoe. There's a lot of stylistic difference there which is really up to you and personal preference.
I call serious unfair; here in central Florida it's bumping 95 with the humidity of a sauna.
then and
Thanks for sharing. Of all things though, there was a time when the Raiders were going to play in Orlando? Sounds like it was after the big earthquake in LA. I never knew that...
Entitled: My NMWA Alter Ego; The 5 things I can't pull off but wish I could. The Oliver Spencer Solms jacket in diamond jacquard Bowes cream color My Problem: I don't have enough of a life to wear this for anything, anywhere. I've thought that I need to work on the life part first, but I've thought that for years and it ain't happening; maybe I should reverse the strategy: jacket first, life will follow. Not too many pieces could cause such a change, but this one...
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