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No need to introduce the name and its meaning to any connaisseur of fine clothing.
Spoo Hustle?
I love the color and the fit of the body, excellent proportions for a db.But something very bad is going on about your shoulders... very bad.
Worth quoting.+congrats!
All my dress (wool based) and linen trousers are lined; here in hot, humid Florida it helps prevent sweating through the front. And, even if you're just (ahem) moist, the bare trouser fabric will tend to stick/cling to your legs and not drape. Lining helps or solves all of that.Hmmm, being where I am and a person who sweats easily (ugh) and has a lot of experience trying to beat it, I haven't ever thought the lining makes them cooler. I'd be interested in more insight...
Followup: After a ton of digging, I really couldn't find something similar, was something I'd be willing to spend the wear and tear of real hiking on, and still reasonably priced. The closest I came was an all wool vest by Undefeated and a gilet by Jack Wills (apparently an English "outdoor/youth" type brand not unlike Gap). Both are all wool, and the Jack Wills is lightly padded with duck feathers and down (but not enough for me to see it as a real "puffer"). The JW...
Congrats to the quick draw McGraw who snagged those 9.5 Alfred Sargent Hunts in chestnut.
Nice tip, looking forward to trying on my bloomed Lindricks in the near future.
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