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The dinkiest PSA you can imagine, but deals on wool, staple, OTC Pantherella's are hard to come by. At $19 for 2 pair, I just snagged a couple to put in my sock box* The seller still has a couple of pairs left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121608600526 No affil with seller; posting so a fellow member can stock up! (*good wool socks wear out, dammit. And since they're hard to come by, I've gotten in the habit of snagging deals whenever I see them and putting them in an old...
Much thanks, gents!
Bump - I just got word that they've gone to 70% off. So the 4450 below is now 801 and the 3535 is now 636. PM me if you want contact info.Again, nothing in it for me, just helping out my local store and sa.
I purchased this new on final sale and it just doesn't quite fit me perfect. I was expecting it to be my single, forever mid gray flannel suit but alas, it just wasn't to be. Looking to move it along and try again. $780 CONUS via USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Contact me for International rates. Please, no offers. This is a classic and I'll wait it out until the person who it is perfect for finds it. Jacket is a true 3-roll-2 button (with a beautiful roll),...
Good eye for a deal. A couple of other positives for it: was made x for Epaulet, has totally unfinished buttons on the sleeve (for proper adjustment), a proper business 30 length for regular or almost tall folks like myself, in an SF preferred 3r2, proper side adjusters (sans belt loops), and slightly meaty cuffs.For whom it fits, I say it looks like a solid buy.
Spoo, I feel for you. Dammit, man.
Back 'atcha MS!
Just between you and me, I initially thought the same thing but just couldn't resist the deal. I'm now very glad I have them in the rotation. While day-to-day I'm still partial to the classic almond-toe like shapes, having that chisel option is a nice alternative. I like being able to play the rake card once a week or so. As I said in one of my related posts, they channel my inner Spoo.My .02
New Posts  All Forums: