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Excellent, you've given me great hopes - thank you!
So then, how close did the copy come out to the original? Was it just close enough or do you feel it was spot on? I'm nearing perfecting my shirt orders and my next front will be trousers.
I was hovering a trigger pull on that fabric last night and it is sold out.
Excellent. I hate my OTR shirts where the collar points don't touch my chest but hover over it.
Bump for shopping at a good SF affil. Just snagged me'self a small refresher order of saphir for my depleted brown range. That is all.
Wow, looks like a good batch for heading into warmer weather. Could you comment on the hand/drape of those F&E shirts? The best super light cottons I've handled were Avon Celli (both knitted and poplin) - very light but still draped really well. I've had some others where it seemed the lighter they went the less drape they got, they almost got krinkle-y (hard to explan). Looking forward to pics!
(raises hand from back of class!)
@chickenfark Ditto, plus would like to see more pictures! It looks like a less show-ey / more subtle take on "museum calf"
@justinkapur all three jackets look fantastic, congrats!!!!
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