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As an aside, I've heard some people claim that they want that additional resistance as part of their workout. Personally, I think they're wasting their tires tires since I suspect they wear faster (I bet a lot faster) on asphalt.I'd also say that my hybrid has front suspension and I get the point about it costing me effort, but it's worth it for the roads (lots of cobblestone) that I bike on. If it was more smooth pavement I'd ride a solid.But I'm quibbling, you're over...
Wow, you just shattered my misconceptions. Good info, thanks for sharing - I learn something new everyday!Quick q - is that comparable to most of the high-end "race" hardware or is that a specialized "ruggedized" variety? If that's the caliber of stuff across the board, I might just investigate it on my next revamp. I've never even considered it since I've always had a "it's too fragile for what I do" mentality.
I've ridden 90% street for 15+ years (probably 50/50 street/trail for the ten years prior) and have always had a mountain bike. My routes are partial cobblestone and even the areas that are paved aren't in super great shape. Conversely, I wonder how those guys with those delicate looking race bikes + tires manage with all the potholes, rubble, and debris strewn about.ps - in recent years I've gravitated to a Trek hybrid; a newer niche market that spans what I need - a...
They had a pair during the winter that looked to me like Islay's. I asked the same thing in the thread and got some good info - it seemed that they were indeed made by Crockett but on a slightly different last and with a different (some said less substantial) sole. Search back in the thread for Razl + Purdey and you'll find more info. I suspect this boot is in the same/similar situation.
I'm selling these on ebay but I've also got it listed in B&S for a discount (it's OK to say that here, right?) Peale calf cap toe boots for Brooks Brothers (Northcote by Crockett and Jones)
Wow, double congrats then, pluse a slayer, they deserve it Don't sell to Namor, he has enough boots
What a way to jump in the pool - congrats, those are fantastic!!!I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing, where'd you get them from?
Firm $430 CONUS w/tracking I bought these about 2 years ago but they are too big - I'm a US 10.5+ and thought I'd need the 11 for the extra size but found out that I really didn't. These have been worn about 4 or 5 times and have sat on my shelf ever since. Time to move them to a better home. They have been maintained with Saphir Renovateur Medaille d'Or, Saphir wax, and boot sized (high vamp) shoe trees. The pics are straight from my shelf to my driveway without any...
Ahh, OK - thanks for the info. Geez, an MTO goes wrong and births those gems at a steep discount? Wow.All kidding aside, if there's an unloved pair of those in US10.5 in Epaulet's back room, I'd be very interested! If nothing else, given the fawning here, maybe the next Epaulet MTo should target this makeup intentionally.
Whoa, wait a sec. Are those the Anderson jumpers? Why do yours look fantastic but the pics on Epaulet's site just look, well, meh? (sorry guys!) Did you fiddle with the pic colors or anything or would you say your pics are true to life?It's like yours has burnishing but the Epaulet's don't. I know you said there's "discoloration" (I think it makes them handsome too) but maybe somebody just gave them a good coat of some darker wax to add some character or something?I'm...
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