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I say let her get away with "recent purchases", but any further...
Thanks!Agreed. They really strike me as the perfect Italian "cool" without being over the top. Funny how such a simple change can make such a difference.Ditto!Hmph, my only defense then for not being aware of those is that they must not be as eye catching as the Bontoni's. Because for these, I stopped dead in my tracks. Theirs, I must have just skimmed on by...
I've never seen a loafer like that before - one with a tied lace. What a great alternative to tassel. I wonder if they are functional (if you tie them, to they tighten the vamp or are they just ornamental?)Now that I've seen it, it's such an obvious thing to do I can't believe I haven't seen it before. I'm smitten!
Yours is sweet, but a wool one like mine versus the leather one like yours are much different animals. The real big timer would score both
About 2 seasons back, ShopTheFinest got a bunch of Borrelli fall/winter outwear that was using this material (this is an item that's still on STF from that batch) - it's a handsome 100% wool, grey-ish/brown'ish/cream flecked tic weave: from http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-56168-luigi-borrelli-beige-jacket-size-40-us-50-eu.aspx: I purchased a vest from STF that season in that material that is just flat out fantastic - all wool like the material above, nice detailing, 100%...
Lookin' good, Justin
Quality presentation +1.
Thanks, good to know.I don't doubt DLC's quality since its been attested too so often, but I think KW+DLC could do with some better pics. Comparing the two from a picture standpoint and ignoring stylistic differences, the Carmina looks better.
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