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PMd !
SOLD! I acquired a pair of delicious Meermin tan austerity boots from a fellow member that I just can't seem to get into rotation. I'm just in too conservative an environment - greys and blacks - for them to work for me with any regularity. They are fantastic and way too nice to collect dust on my shelf. They are 10E on the Olfe last with flush toe-taps and still in barely used condition (prev owner had light wear, I only wore twice) shipped with box and bags. For a...
Totally wish this was a 50 or 52, I'd pounce.
I'm not in the market but that's a great suit at a great price - plus I can personally vouch for JRD as a great seller. Somebody should get on this!
I had a couple of much cheaper, $100 or less, items show the same thing as of a few weeks ago. Even for inexpensive stuff it's just too much of a roll of the dice.I seriously don't see how they're going to get takers on $1K items, except ballers who have money to burn and I doubt they are bottom feeding on yoox.
Naw, I love it - it's like money in the bank. I'm returning it because it wasn't up to par, right? I'm like "good, now I know I didn't like it - cha-ching, refund is coming, the world looks better already' and move on.Seriously, I just did that with the Canali jacket + misc others from my post above. I was almost relieved when I opened it up and knew instantly "nah."What sucks for yoox is that I wouldn't buy/return half of the stuff I do if, in lieu of seeing it in...
Hmm, interesting. Now that you mention it, I think so. About a year ago I changed from shipping things to my home to my office in a big multi-tenant building. I've been billed for dues from my home deliveries a few times but never at my office.Note that my experience wasn't for Meemin's specifically, but plenty of other international orders from different sellers where buyers sporadically-to-almost-always get tagged. I never made the connection, but then again maybe...
Hmmm, I don't think they are too pointy either but I can see where others might; they are on the verge.
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