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The Central Florida Sartoriale Amigos
Quick PSA for Orlando - the Saks Off 5th in lake Buena vista has a small rack of Isaia's for 40% off 1.9k. About 25 suits, in US sizing - a 38 or two, some 40s and a handful of 42s and 44s, maybe a 46. I think all 2b in base-s. some are acquaspiders. Most in staple colors and conservative patterns. And for the rest of the planet wondering what the big deal of Isaia's at 1k+ is, we just don't get stuff like this here....
The (great) evil of Greg+Co is in between the bold tags...
You hit the nail right on the head for something I've been considering - a bomber jacket with a collar like that (not sure what to call it, but it looks like what's usually on a baseball or varsity jacket). Specifically, how it looks with another collar underneath it. Almost all shots I see of those the person is wearing a tee which just isn't my style. But, the few times I see it, the collar area looks kind of frumpy and or messy because of the way the jacket collar...
This is true; Maybe Greg (or someone) should re-run the "best sleepers" challenge they had a few months ago. Maybe this time call it "best deep sleepers; the final chapter" to move those things along.
These three words should get somebody reaching for their wallet: Carmina. Shell. Boots. A 7UK balmoral pair in Cognac here And, a 7UK derby in what looks like a medium brown here
As someone who hasn't yet scored their first Inis, I'm jealous.
Spoo - You've got some serious shite in this week's batch. No joke. Out.
I am in the same boat - that's a fantastic jacket but I just do not have the lifestyle where I'll ever get to wear it. Maybe there's a problem therein that needs fixing, but that's just the way it is. Good luck with sale, whoever gets it better rock it - it deserves to be out and about plying the waters not shut up in a closet.
New Posts  All Forums: