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No prob, I'll drop you both a note.That's exactly what I'm looking for including the less-fuss/less-worry aspect. I've found that some of my best items go hanging instead of worn because of (overly concerned?) worry and fret. I'm evolving to still wanting decent-or-better quality (on the SF scale) but it has to be wearable and not precious; these looked to fit the bill.
Question 4 puts my scam alarm through the roof; I highly doubt that's actually from STF but I'd asap contact them to confirm or deny. And if it's not from them, I bet they will be highly interested in what scammer is targeting their customers.
I just snagged this Finamore jacket, feel free to ping me for details - should have it in hand by Monday. Like you was a little hesitant, but was willing to roll the dice a bit since I've already got credits at STF:
Funny you should mention that... on the large waistcoat I orderred, it was originally marked as shipped and to be delivered in 3 days. When 3 day came and went, I noticed a message in my inbox that said something like that they had misjudged and would have to get me one from their European operations. The message looked like a personal one in that it was from a customer service rep, by name, and with a phone number + extension to boot. I wasn't in a hurry so that was...
Quick note about returns, sizes, and availability... I ordered the gray cashmere waistcoat when the only thing left was a large. Looking at the measurements, I felt like I was between a medium and a large, but through the L was close enough to take a shot. Upon receipt, I very much liked it but it was definitely just a bit too big; rats! Went back online and it wasn't shown any more and links to the product page showed it as totally sold out. I did my return as a...
+1 same here, just returned something last week and that's how it went down.
(...back to regular programming...) I haven't posted in quite a while, so... JRDs still got connections to sell everything under the sun, including this Samuelsohn suit which I can't believe is still lingering. While nobody is thinking of getting a tan suit while sliding from fall into winter, now is the time to snatch up a bargain in prep for next year. And a bargain it is! While Marblehouse has somehow found himself in possession of a hands down, fantastic,...
+1+1. I don't think the OP/Luxire thought through on the placement of the adjusters. For the few trousers I've seen with both, the adjusters are below the beltline for just that reason.
Wow. Wow.This looks great. Would love to see a before pic to see how far you took it. Regardless, she's a beaut!
I've still not come around on a stripe suit for myself, I've just never seen one that was quite right. I never thought much about my reasons why until I read this - it's exactly what my hesitations have been; it's like you read my mind for me.If this isn't the perfect middle-of-the-road stripes, it's at least straddling costume'y and dandy'ish well enough for me to seriously consider; as in for the first time "I can see myself in those stripes"
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