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Once again may I remind you that the formal season is around the corner. If you're on the hunt for a proper black or white tie shirt, these Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece numbers with detachable collars look to be quite the steal at $80 (he'll do a cummerbund combo for $100!). New Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Authentic Full Dress Shirt---Retail $225 Many Sizes (tip: see the seller's - Steve Smith - many other BB threads for more deals)
If you're where it's still hot out there, this might help you beat the heat. BNWT Polo Ralph Lauren by Corneliani - Wool/Silk/Flax 3-Buttons Glen Plaid Sportcoat - Size IT 50 Drop 7R - "Kipling" Cut - STUNNING DETAILS!
Shuh .... weeeet.
Congrats - looks good. Who did it for you?
Whusurdadi just keeps bringing old-skool style heat to B&S. Here's his latest outerwear thread: And I have to show this from his Suits & SC thread: Polo RL, 6x2 DB tuxedo for .... $79
Thanks much!
+1 - the collar is the last bit of detail I have to nail down for my first order. Sounds like this would help!
Since I'm on the cusp of my first order and I'll have the usual SF list of tweaks, I'm already prepped that I won't see it for a month to 6 weeks. If I get it sooner then I just got lucky.That said, I'm in a hustle to get that first one in and nail down changes so I can then get on board the week-to-two week turnaround train for custom shirts, it sounds like a dream!
Good info, thanks for taking the time to educate!Cool, I only meant it as constructive criticism; glad to see it came through that way
No prob No, no, no - once I bump, you're committed; no backing out now soldier!Ok, I jest ... slightly
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