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Wow then, big congrats - that's quite a special case you got there !Note to self: 200 year old reindeer hide is no longer semi-mythical
Looks good. Is that the semi-mythical 200 year old Russian Reindeer?
I'm curious about the terminology used to describe construction like this - the "raised" line where the panels meet, I mean. It's not rolled like on a cap toe, it's something else. I've never seen anything like it before.Clearly, somebody put some thought into it; the "raised" line that runs up along the vamp that ends at the "collar" was a good choice, otherwise it would look like a ring around one's ankle.
@mbaum ^^^I know squat about such things but that looks like a fun, cool ride. And it sounds like it's has found the right owner - enjoy!
This pic is so hot it violates the NSFW rule.
I think I'm going to hold out, but I do appreciate the tip - thanks much!
I tend to polish my shoes while when watching football solo. Being Monday night, I pulled out my Marlows which were overdue and gave 'em a good, darn good, shine job. Well, I thought ... until I saw this. [sigh]I literally just put mine on the shelf about 10 minutes ago. Packed 'em off for the night with a smile. Actually thought, "I'm getting pretty good at my shine skills." Now I'm like "I have so far to go" Great job, Capn!(gotta say, these have a better natural...
Good to know,. thanks!
It's pretty late in the season for them to come out with a new fall/winter item, isn't it? Have they been this late in previous seasons?
Bump to see if I can still find someone who's looking to sell a supermoon!
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