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Doing my part to keep this thread alive... Ok, this isn't a wow, knock your socks off buy - but for the young bucks who are just stepping up their game from some God awful glued craptastic shoes they got from DSW, some solid Allen Edmonds Park Avenues are a great next step. Granted, you gotta be a an 11D, but it seems FreedBird has a stock of them at a DSW level price of $199. They're in F'ing Bourbon for chrissake. Not Whiskey, Bourbon. Check 'em out...
Pink Cashmere Attolini Tie.
Thanks. Honestly, from a construction standpoint, I haven't really been able to discern quality differences between Incotex, Zanella, Ballin, or Pazoni. Granted, I can tell material differences between them - I have one pair of Zanellas where the wool is a fine finish, but subtly substantial in heft, drapes like water and almost refuses to wrinkle but yet another pair where the wool appears with just as fine a finish, but is clearly less hefty, doesn't drape as well, and...
A couple of recent pickups. A pair of birdseye Vigano' trousers for the coming spring/summer: And a Mazzarelli from No Man Walks Alone:
Great shot! Truly, No Man Walks Alone!
@James: Great stuffs and bonus points for most (all?) the transactions being within and supporting the SF family!
But how would you know?
I snagged the last 16 Mazzarelli in white. As my first purchase, I'm finally in the NMWA club. Thanks Greg and company
Looking sharp; well done!
Hmmm, makes me wonder if they're fakes.
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