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I was hovering a trigger pull on that fabric last night and it is sold out.
Excellent. I hate my OTR shirts where the collar points don't touch my chest but hover over it.
Bump for shopping at a good SF affil. Just snagged me'self a small refresher order of saphir for my depleted brown range. That is all.
Wow, looks like a good batch for heading into warmer weather. Could you comment on the hand/drape of those F&E shirts? The best super light cottons I've handled were Avon Celli (both knitted and poplin) - very light but still draped really well. I've had some others where it seemed the lighter they went the less drape they got, they almost got krinkle-y (hard to explan). Looking forward to pics!
(raises hand from back of class!)
@chickenfark Ditto, plus would like to see more pictures! It looks like a less show-ey / more subtle take on "museum calf"
@justinkapur all three jackets look fantastic, congrats!!!!
Beautiful; congrats! Not only on your new chest, but on a wife who is clearly a keeper.
Congrats, looking good! Could you identify the fabric on the top 2 blue shirts? Appreciated!
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