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Another round and almost caught up.... Please see my FAQ for questions, disclaimers, and errata. @pendragon Barba Napoli Gold Label Shirts @va230815 NWT Loro Piana cashmere silk faukvill bomber sweater $2195 @Ender1990 Unworn Luigi Bianchi Mantova Flannel Charcoal Pinstripe suit EU50R US40R @Burzan Edward Green - Shanklin - Tobacco Suede - UK7/7.5US E202 last @Burzan Alden - Longwing - Color 8 Cordovan (975) - 7.5D @sprout2 Herno M65 field...
Reminder to revisit those items/stores that were sold out in your size. Purely on a whim, I went back to Zegna to re-ogle the sweater that was long gone in my size when, lo an behold, there one is. Got lucky = insta-snag.
I've go the same experience here. Most of the times, they are just dropping it off and give a quick courtesy knock but by the time I'm at the door (what, 10 or 15 seconds) they are at least in the truck if not already rolling away.Those guys are fast.
Sorry, if you meant this to me but I didn't buy one so I don't know
I feel like I'm on a different planet when I hear everyone complain about Fedex, UPS, or even USPS. It's rare, like 1 in 40~60 packages rare, that I don't get something on time or that when I change the instructions (have it held at a local center, delivered elsewhere, etc.) that they don't accommodate it correctly. Sure, there's been the occasional glitch, but nothing that caused me any real heartache. I order a ton of Amazon prime and both receive and ship a lot of...
Maybe not quite what you had in mind, but Spoo's Luxeswap has a recent drop of some killer Japanese market (slimmer) Barbour versions that are in POW check at great prices. He had a good sampling of sizes but I'm not sure what's left - check it out here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/307841/luxeswap-official-affiliate-thread/14900_100#post_8714077
Sale alert - EDWARD GREEN GALWAY BOOT DARK BROWN DELAPRE in US 9.5 at Sid Mashburn's 50% off sale for $800: http://www.sidmashburn.com/sale/footwear/dark-brown-edward-green-galway-boot.html Hope it helps someone!
Wish they did this a little earlier before I emptied the piggy bank elsewheres...
Please see my FAQ for questions, disclaimers, and errata. @Man with Apple Haversack Boiled Wool Shawl Blazer/Cardigan Medium Made in Japan +1 for a creative pitch, interesting as a starter kit. @wsupjs 7 Piece Business Casual Wardrobe Starter Kit. SF Favorites! @merv49 EDWARD GREEN Inverness UK 8.5 @RFHansen CRIVELLI MILANO NORFOLK-STYLE MOLESKIN COAT DARK BROWN EU52 ยท MADE IN ITALY @RandyG rare loro piana reversible leather jacket cashmere lining M brand new...
This made the latest round of The Best of B&S (Someone Should Buy This!)
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