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Congrats! Wear them in good health!
Some bumps... Note that these are actual LP suits; not some anonymous suit made with LP material. Nice navy, birdseye staples. Solid Navy Loro Piana suits in 40R/40L, with free NWT Loro Piana shirt From the "I've never seen this before" department: "Truffle" or "Cappucino" shell. Allen Edmonds Cappuccino Shell Cordovan Rutledge Captoe Shoes 13D NIB New Horween Truffle Custom Another Boglioli Boglioli "Coat" grey check 52R Brunello Cucinelli 100% Cashmere Size...
DId I miss something? Is Luxire doing custom shoes too?
^^^ and 'Butch puts the thread firmly back on track with a winnah
Looking forward to it!Agree on both counts.
fyi: since I ref'd it and followed it closely I'll clarify a few points (but see the luxire thread for more info by the owner):He chose a moderate lining with little (no?) fusingThose aren't collar stays, he has a hidden button down that's pulling and making those creasesOne of my changes was to delete the hidden button down and replace with actual collar stays. I saw another pic somewhere of this config and the visual issues that you're pointing at weren't present; I'm...
+1. While a lot of their stuff is too "youthful" for me they still manage a lot of staples. They are a great little enterprise that deserves support (tip: see their constantly active affiliate thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread ) .Even though I have only actually purchased a couple of times from them, I make a point of shopping them as much as possible.
Good point. Everyone should be checking Trader Feedback here or Feedback on ebay before making a decision - buyers and sellers! - that's what it is there for.Now that I think about it, it isn't exactly obvious for the newbie where Trader Feedback is on the forum; I wish we had an indicator by someone's name (like ebay). Since we don't, it should be noted that it can be found by:Click on the member's name from anywhere in the forum to get to their profile page.On the left...
Quick morning bump for... This happens to be in SW&D but is OK for the Classic side in my book. Epaulet LBM 1911 Silk/Linen Olive Donegal, 46 / 36 For those who missed out on the recent run of Eidos at Bloomies, it looks like some misfires are turning up. Tip: Eidos thread, this way: http://www.styleforum.net/t/358653/eidos-napoli/0_100 NWT Eidos Napoli, Dark Brown Check, SC 40R
The "fold" versus crease definitely sounds like we're talking about the same thing, I literally get a "ridgeline" of sorts that hits the top of my foot where I described. I've been through break ins before, so I'm not a rookie, I've just never had it seem to be right where the construction was (the end of the cap in this case).It sounds likely with some more follow through (no pain, no gain, right?) the creasing will "train" better. I'll report back in a few more days.
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