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Big congrats!!!
Whew. Glad to see this is NWT; Pre-Owned, even gently (ahem) would be a deal breaker.
Fair 'nuff, though it was my own nutty pendantic'ness not JCrew that's the root. I only raised the point for Greg+NMWAco in case there was broader silly concern, but it looks like I'm in the minority so no harm, no foul.
I am not against this. But, to me, popover doesn't ring as eccentric but rather ... I can't quite put my finger on it. Childish?Greg may be on to something; my resistance might be rooted more in my American'ism than the word itself. I really don't know. I think of it this way - when someone asks me "that's a nifty take on a shirt, what is it?" I am not, I repeat not, going to reply with "popover". If my 5 year old was wearing it, I'd be happy to call it that, but not...
First: Day-um; congrats to you!Second: Big, big indirect thanks to Spoo for making dreams like this come true. It's the hard work and generosity of the affiliates like him that make SF the special place that it is.
NMWA should the company to come up with an appropriate term to replace "popover". Something. Anything.Even if they were in fantastic, lust worthy material, made by Attolini, with shirred shoulders, hand made gussets, yaddyadda, and I desired one fully - I couldn't bring myself to press the [purchase] button if the cart contains the word "popover".Please consider; I don't think I'm the only one who has an unreasonable and unexplainable resistance to the term.Actually, now...
Shirt arrived -fast- (UPS ground shipping in door-to-door 3 days, yeah!) meticulously packaged and is just as fantastic as it looks and reads, nicest white shirt I now own - hands down. I can't iomagine how the Inglese top these.I'm unfortunately walking out the door for a 3 day road trip so getting it into rotation for the first time will be a week or so, but I can't wait to. Thanks much Greg + NMWAco!
Closeup of the cat:
Can some of our taller brethren please start sending stuff to Spoo? I'm getting burnt out checking auctions for the 33"+ inseams I need and only finding 30" or less. Appreciation in advance. Carry on.
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