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Hillbilly leather.Buda (Budha?) last.
Geez, I wish there was a way I could have scored for the styleforum vendors - but shipping would have made it not worth it. If I was thinking, I would have taken a picture that would have made you drool. There were probably, all told, 80+ of various types, and most were $20, $30. You store owners (b&m or virtual) could have totally made out, it sucks you can't take advantage of it.
Thanks! - I paid $50. I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it, but I just googled and - geez - they ain't cheap! $50 is give away pricing (and mine happened to be the most expensive of the lot, all the rest were like $20-$40).
If someone would have told me when I left the house today that I'd come home with a mannequin, I'd have called then @#$% crazy. But I swing my local Nordstroms to find it went out of business - poof! - and is already nothing but fixtures. I mosey in just to look around* and among the endless tables, mirrors, display racks, are a bunch of mannequins - lots of the plastic "fashion" kinds, a bunch of more "static", classic types, but one with wooden articulating arms on a...
It's crazy, I've never seen anything like it before - there's a company there who is hired to move everything out, sell it all down to the bare walls. One guy was buying some of the wall shelving in the men's shoe dept - the 10ft high slanted wood display shelves for shoes, said they were going home in his closet. I've just never seen a store being "cleaned out", interesting to see first hand. Ps they are wheel in and dealin too, buy enough and they'll negotiate it...
It's actually cheap enough that I could afford to but I'm in a 100yr ok house which predates walk-in closets, so there's just no room to do it in. Otherwise I'd be home measuring.... They've got some pretty cool, heavy duty items that would just rock in the right space. Sigh, but not I ...
The Nordstoms in Orlando has closed but is fire sale'ing all the fixtures. Still a ton of stuff dirt cheap - if somebody wanted to outfit a dressing room, closet, or even a den, or maybe their own store you could get a ton of industrial grade stuff for a song. Mostly modern styled - metal, glass, chrome, wood. Lots of oversized things - 12ft tall mirrors, etc. Somebody could make a killing.
Congrats, that's a beaut!
+1 !!!
^^^ Wow, that's nice. I didn't realize that could be done with consumer "off the shelf" stuff. And, I didn't realize that Saphir made a stripping product. Just to be clear, by "04 Brown" you mean the Saphir, Teinture Francaise Dye, right? Then the medium brown cream like normal. Geez, if it's that easy - stripper, base dye, then some cream - I got a couple of pairs of shoes that are neglected because the color has fallen out of favor; I might take a stab at it...
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