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These are hotness.I am jealous.
Long time, no poast. Thought I'd catch up with a couple of key pieces: Always wanted a nice, big, leather weekender. One to see some adventures and grow old with. While I can't justify my true dream, one by Lotuff, in the meantime I'll fill in with J Crew's Montague. And speaking of things I really can't justify, a double breasted corduroy jacket is certainly more of a statement than a need. But, I've had my eye on this Aspesi at Frans Boone since the season...
Quote of the day.And seriously true, too.
Thought I'd chime in that I packed them off a pair of my beloved Alden shell wingtips to be resoled . While my gait is very hard on the toes their previous resoling of a pair of EG for RLPL boots with those Rickenbacker soles is still going strong 2 years later with nary any toe wear, unlike the all my from-the-manufacturer soles where the toes just get beat. The Ricken's just seem to hold up so well that I still haven't felt the need for toe taps. Anyway, now I need to...
For someone with such a low post count but earlier than me join date, you seem to have excelled at the "Lurk Moar" school; you can't go wrong with zeroing in on Ed and Mr. Shangai.ps - for those who read this and wonder what all the fuss is about ("Whassa Isaia? What 'good old days'?") this is a great deal on a great suit. If that thing had a bit more gentlemenly rise I'd be eyeing the piggy bank.
It was even better in mid '09 when I first came on board as the impact from the '08 financial crisis was still playing out and everyone along the supply chain was dumping inventory like mad. And, yes, for those who weren't 'round back then, excellent deals like this were everyday + all the time. "If I only knew then what I know now..."
I'm going off memory but my first shirt was about 4-5 weeks but included a lot specific details. My second shirt, which was the first order + 3-4 minor changes and a whole new collar from measurements, took about 2 weeks (including having been over the Christmas holiday).
Excellent, you've given me great hopes - thank you!
So then, how close did the copy come out to the original? Was it just close enough or do you feel it was spot on? I'm nearing perfecting my shirt orders and my next front will be trousers.
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