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Had to snag, that grey/brown plaid in light flannel just calls to me.
Yeah, that's closer - I could go for that. I'll keep in mind how the hidden button down lends it a bit more "structure".
See, I knew I could't have been the first or only person to have thunk it. Still, I'm surprised it hasn't gone further.......and pic looks good
If that inseam was 33 or 34 and I could still get a decent cuff out of it, I would have kopped.
Will do! I've actually mulled it for quite some time. I'm surprised somebody hasn't deleted it by now, especially on RTW sportshirts, if for no other reason than a style-istic differentiator (Oh, that's a TF sportshirt - see, no button on the collar!) I suppose the bean counters nixed it thinking they might lose some sales to the tie wearers.For me I almost always wear my cuffs folded back, so gauntlet buttons are a necessity to hold it together (otherwise the whole...
I figured I'd repost the image:I missed that specific one but did see some others that were similar. Conceptually, I like it, but I'm going to have to work up to it. I thought stepping out to a one piece sans button/button hole was enough stretch for my first shot. But don't be surprised if that's in a future order
Good man, you're excused
Some XL Kitons in a 2-for deal to be had. +1 to the seller for an animated gif, it's like the blink tag is back KITON 2 Shirts - Blue Check - Brown Stripe - XL
Ok, I finally did it. My first luxire shirt and my first mtm anything, here we go. I ended up going with the Soft Cream Cool Linen Cotton With a 1 piece collar design by Turner adjusted for slightly smaller points and height, and skip the hidden button down for collar stays. Of course with medium unfused lining. One slightly radical departure is I'm forgoing the collar button and button hole altogether. It's a casual shirt, I'm never going to wear a tie with it,...
^^^Spoo, another week another fantastic haul. Even though I don't "get" this, I'm sure somewhere, somebodies' gal just fainted
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