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No joke, so do I. In FL I'm not sure I'll ever get the chance, but it's in my winter stuff just awaiting the chance. It's so F'n nice.
I got one of these on Shop The Finest a couple of years back and absolutely love it. I recently crowed a PSA about it when one popped up on Yoox a couple of months back see my info here Surprise - Whusurdadi has one (maybe he snagged the Yoox one I mentioned?). If you want a down puffer vest, in a fantastic wool tweed/tic weave, by Borelli no less - nice enough to pass for a Cucinelli - this is the one. NWT Borrelli 100% wool down filled vest size 50 / Medium
That's because they are classic.
These are so hot that even though I have more flannel than I can wear (I'm in Florida) I still have to fight the urge to buy 'em. NWT Thick grey flannel trousers by Incotex for Kent & Curwen in 34" & 36" And, speaking of Florida, here's a nice Cooch pickup for someone else in warmer climes. Worn once to a wedding and now on the market. Mint Brunello Cuccinelli cotton tan herringbone suit 50R
I'm on the hunt for an active wear vest like Outlier's discontinued Supermoon from a few year's back. I liked it at the time but sat on the fence long enough for it to get away (@#$%). Hmm - if you've got a large or extra large and want to part with it, shoot me a PM! I definitely want something in wool or a wool blend and can be used in the real world for hiking and such. I'd appreciate any leads because I'm coming up empty.
Love the range of end-on-end fabrics!
Any chance you have or can point me at some real-life shots of them? I'd be interested in seeing some. Also, as an aside, have you tried darkening them with any polish? I'm very interested in adding some medium brown to the regimen to get a little patina going.
I did my duty and took a pair of boots off Gyasih's hands. For me it's a first for tan, austerities, and Meermins, so I'm looking forward to something completely different.
(sorry for my past few messages that read like a play-by-play but...) ...and, just like that, I get the "it's shipped!" message with tracking and was pleasantly shocked that Fedex from India is expecting to deliver to me in the US in 3 days. That's crazy fast, is that normal? Just curious, I've never ordered something directly from the other side of the planet before.
Follow up - I message'd Luxire and got a response from Theresa in, what, less than 5 minutes? It's shipping today or Monday.Like I told her, if I could have been patient just one more day...
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