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Via the PSA thread, I heard that Ron Rider Boots was having a close-out sale of sorts on a line he had been working on but decided to bail (still going on here: http://riderboot.com/product-category/going-going-gone/). I had always had my eye on a RR boot of some sort and thought this was the opportunity to jump in the pool. Granted, these aren't his normal forte; very Italian and a long way stylistically from his more blue-collar makeups, but I thought I could use a...
Like you, I don't know any longer but can confirm that at one time they did.As an aside, they seem to be hard to find online - they pop up here and there - but I've come across them a number of times and, like this pair, thought "damn, those look good ... and at a competitive price"; but just never pulled the trigger.These look very good, especially for the price, even if they aren't bonafide horween shell. If they were my size and I was in the hunt, I'd definitely give...
And at the rate things are moving, at least in the shoe market, it feels a bit like B&S again.
Those are a great deal, and worth quoting a pic for. Also note that in addition to the usual box and bags they come with OEM Vosh trees, that's a super nice bonus.The downside of those shoes is they will probably make the rest of your collection look like shite; you have been warned.
I'm fessing up. I was going to post these on Best of B&S but I ended up not doing it because I was smitten with them. And, even though I swore myself off with purchases, well ... you know what happened. So, these are some Best of B&S that have already been bought, sorry if someone else out there missed out. They still deserve a mention here, even if it's after the fact. Ron Rider x Leffot "Hobo" Boots in Reverse Calfskin Original Leffot pic Seller's Real-World...
The Guy from Shanghai has landed a shipment of NWT striped Borrellis at good prices and in a range of sizes. More goodness like this here
I'd say this is generally good advice; however, it makes the most sense once someone is basically stocked. For the newbies who are coming in from the world of fast-fashion (note: they probably aren't jumping from that to Eidos, but...) sales on better quality stuffs let them upgrade enough to get away from junk. Once you get a generally OK-to-good stable, then change gears from quantity to quality and focus time/resources on upgrading individual items to super high...
Ah, ok. I would have gotten it if it was WWSbD? One initial is clearly not big enough for the both of them, but carry on.
@MurlsquirlWhat would .... Stitchy? ... do?(ps great sweater, but like you I'm in Florida and am overstocked on little-to-no-opportunity-to-wear things)
...but:Hmmm. Not trying to impugn the seller, but I'd have some hesitations there. That said, quoting a pic for full-on drool effect; unless you've got an aversion to shell these are a grail:
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