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And while we're talking exotic shoes... SALVATORE FERRAGAMO TRAMEZZA Calf & Full Quill Ostrich Spectator Brogues,US 11.5 Which makes me wonder, has there ever been an "exotic shoe" Friday challenge? I don't think so...
Unexpected, but appreciated!!Suddenly everybody and their brother is letting me know how tough Simpson is; if only I'd have known. Actually, I probably still would have gone through with it just to know for certain.it will work out OK though; there's enough interest - they'll move, hopefully find the right home, and I'll be wiser for it, like y'all
Not for me. Not for a lot of people. But, Wow. Carmina Tan Python Skin Austerity Wingtip Brogues Size 12 UK / 13 US Rain Last NIB New * 3/4/14 PRICE REDUCTION*
Fair enough, I didn't know (and, yes, yes, yes - I know it's my job to read the rules "I did! I really did!! Waaaayyyy back in the day!")Thanks to Rydenfan for politely keeping things on track and Hall Monitor Stitchy for clarifying.Back to our regular programming.
truth in advertising: I posted something similar just a couple of posts up, and I can see where thread readers wouldn't want the thread clogged with a litany of selling posts; but......it's really against forum rules? I've seen this plenty of times and, honestly, have even taken advantage of it on occasion. I personally don't see it as a negative, as long as it's brief and relevant, because readers of enthusiast threads like this are specifically interested in these...
and +1 to Spoo for first Ebay listing ever (?) with AMAZABALLS in the title
Sounds good!
Sounds good, just let me know!
I got my first pair of Carmina's as barely lightly used second-hand from fellow member RedDevil10. I have to say I'm very smitten with the shoes; absolutely love the look and the construction but the Simpson last at UK9.5 is just too small svelte for my US10.5+ feet. If I'm lucky enough that someone has a larger pair and wants to trade, let me know. Otherwise, if you're interested in taking them off my hands they're on B&S at the same price I got them for (see link in...
I dream about the perfect pair of gray shoes ever since I had to part with a pair of too-big-Church's that were in "Anthracite". That was 4'ish years ago and I'm on the hunt. Those Lobbs would be perfect...
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