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These might only be creepy... ...if you can imagine somebody wearing them. Like this gent:
Whoa!! A pair of Eidos overcoats?!?!?Double Whoa! And as a three piece!!!You're killin' it!
jrd: you one smart cookie, excellent stock up opportunity (I wish I had a pile of 34s lying around in a store somewhere!). Preston's have always been a winner and, while I'm sure HF will do them proud, I've too been smitten with Corneliani having a hand in them.
I have been looking for a slightly snappier than usual but still go-to casual shoe for a while. I thought those Alden city-moc's in chromexcel at Leffot were "the one" for a while, but I missed my size and it doesn't look like they'll ever do another makeup in it, sigh... So, while reviewing my "keep an eye on this" links last night, lo and behold, these had a big 50% sale drop so I decided to give them a whirl.
This looks very, very nice!
I am going to presume you know how to grill properly and are not going to overcook them!!!!
yep, you're right. fyi: I do happen to have a tiered cost system which makes it possible, but I didn't say that in my example.
I might have missed it but is there any update on a Kamigata restock of the previous models and/or I think I recall someone was looking at materials for a whole new 'round.Any updates?edit: just saw this a couple of pages back:Yeah baby! x2
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