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Since Spoo's Carmina drop didn't have anything in my size, I thought I'd swing through the outlets with my jingle stash. Only found a small gem - a Piatelli from Barney's that is the faintest of beiges. Great material with just right amount of drape and a nice, beefy collar. No handwork, but construction looks solid and the fabric is fantasic - like a high end chambray. The color isn't standard and won't be to everyone's taste, but I just tried it on with a number of...
With the initial wave behind us, I wanted to give a round of applause to Spoo for making The Big Carmina LuxeSwapDrop of '14 happen. While those of us who were lucky enough to be around in the heyday of B&S may still be grumbling about "...how it used to be..." Spoo is mad busy putting on a one man show to redefine how it can be; again. Big kudos to Spoo. While I didn't get a pair I'm still thrilled for all those who did (and still will!) (Spoo: more 9.5's next...
Great sale Spoo - once again you are delivering the goods! But, I'm out - frack! Woulda been all in on these if there were in my size: Still, congrats to those who are getting some steal deals. You can't beat these with a stick!
+1, he's brilliant in a borderline almost-insane sort of way. I'm awed with the way his mind works - how the heck does he come up with some of his stuff? Not the one liner above, but he throws out others that are mind bogglingly great. Not just funny, but complexly funny. I love that stuff.
"I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. So I said, 'Got any shoes you’re not using?' " --Steven Wright
...it's like the quiet before the storm. I can almost hear SpooRevere calling on the wind: "The Carminas are coming, Carminas are coming!"...
New Posts  All Forums: