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Spoo, I feel for you. Dammit, man.
Back 'atcha MS!
Just between you and me, I initially thought the same thing but just couldn't resist the deal. I'm now very glad I have them in the rotation. While day-to-day I'm still partial to the classic almond-toe like shapes, having that chisel option is a nice alternative. I like being able to play the rake card once a week or so. As I said in one of my related posts, they channel my inner Spoo.My .02
Since there's already some sharks circling on it, these might be gone in 60 seconds. But, I still feel compelled to post here, if for no other reason it was my post that got Jazz (the seller) to buy them in the first place... RON RIDER Cap Toe Boot Dark Brown Calf, new with box, US 11
No prob, I know exactly what you mean. Cool! I didn't think they'd sit for long...
If it helps anyone, I got these same boots (heck, it might have been my post that caused Jazzmenco to overshoot with these) and posted some info and pics here I'd agree with Jazz said, except that ,for me, the extra time spent lacing without speedhooks is the upside of not having speedhooks invariably chew up the hem on my trousers. That said, I've got a stable with both and it really doesn't sway me one way or the other. The price is still a bargain, if these boots...
Shuh-weeeeet Cleav!
THey better beThey better be or my faith-in-SF-community meter will lose a couple of points.Quoting a pic here to help move things along...
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