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I should have known you of all people would remember that pic! Hahaha!He is a great cat!
Thanks stitchy! Unfortunately, it is not to be - I'm about a EU50 and got a size V and it's a bit too small for me; like funny-small if I wear it. So no pics.Still, it is a very nice piece and very well made. Also, with the color described as a "Dark" blue-grey, it reads as a medium-leaning-light gray,but has a faint navy/indigo sort of cast to it that's tough to explain or put your finger on. I think it makes the color especially versatile as a casual piece. It...
The Mazz and Schneider Landed! My crappy cell phone pics don't do the goods justice, but here goes: Sorry kids, something had to give. No Fancy Feast for a while. Talk to Greg.
If this was a 50R/L I'd have snagged it - drat!
SOLD! If you're not familiar with Vigano, they are made in Italy and on par with Incotex, Ballin, Zanella, etc. All the usual features - split curtain waistband, triple front closure, slash pockets, both rear pockets are button through, etc. I got these from PEURIST here: http://peurist.com/shop-by-brand/vigano/vigano-black-gray-birdseye-wool-pants.html# and love them but they are just a bit too slim in the thighs for me. Happy to pass them along at $60 which is...
With almost 24 hours without a post, I wonder if the NMWA crew is: 1. taking a well deserved breather 2. tediously measuring, photographing, and primping a veritable mountain of fantastic things to be unleashed 3. have channeled their inner Python to run-wild in the streets with an impromptu "Popover's Rule!" fest (#3 is just plain silly)
Obligatory: pics or it didn't happen.
I've got my fingers crossed that my Mazzy and Schneider jacket will land today too
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