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No, but the calf has a deeper than usual finish, especially on the toe, that I think even in person one might mistake it. At least until the creases come in a bit more.
Congrats on the weight loss, and for keeping your chin up through some tough comments.That said, and I know this is a tailoring thread, but get going on a workout regimen to add some muscle in the right places.. It looks like you've got enough frame to get some good mass on it and get things sorted better; there are tons of guys with big seats that people think have flattering forms because they've got proportional balance in other areas.You're well on your way - congrats...
Landed! Carmina punch cap-toe's from Skoat via a fellow member. Slightly pre-owned, but nevertheless new for me and my first Carmina's that fit (Simpson last, no less).Less than stellar pics - had to setup and snap 'em fast so coworkers don't notice.
Morning gents. I see some goodies, like.... Suitsupply Sienna Ethomas S130s suit 40R Price Drop18/06! Meermin MTO Austerity Brogue boots UK10.5 BROOKLYN TAILORS Men's Sport Jacket Blazer 2-button Charcoal (Sz. 3 = 38R) Two-button informal sport jacket in charcoal gray - linen/cotton blend with silk lining. Francesco Benigno Hand Burnished Adelaides UK 9.5 Bontoni Wingtip ---Burgundy---9.5
Last bump of the night before I go hit the vino. JRD's got hist hands on a very interesting Corneliani jacket in a wool/poly tech fabric; a veritable "rain blazer". And yet in the preferred SF config - 3-roll-2, soft shoulders, dual vents, etc. He's got a lot more to tell you about it in his ad. Oh, and he's selling it cheap - two big ones and change. FINAL DROP 8/19 █ Size 46R █ Corneliani NWT ~$1350 Sportcoat █ NAVY BLUE Wool-Poly Blend ("Rain blazer")
....and, another Boglioli breaks cover. I really like this. On close inspection, the colors look like a deep chocolate and a cream rather than the usual black and white, which give it that kind of earthy cast. Ver. Sa. Tile. Boglioli Dover Sport Coat 38US / 48EUR
Here's an interesting find, and could be quite a deal for the right person - a custom made cotton, summer suit for cheap. Note that the seller points out it's light blue, even though the pic is washed out (he has a pic of the swatch with color in his ad). While a light blue suit isn't everyone's cup of tea, I bet there's a few readers who got jiggy when they read it. Custom made light blue cotton suit for sale approx 42L
+1 to the seller for the one of craziest monikers on the forum: SirSuturesALot. Let's hope those surgeon's cuffs weren't really... *NEW* Isaia Navy Suit 38R That's nice.
Thanks much but, like I said earlier, I see it as my small way of paying back some to the sellers, buyers, and the community for all that I've benefited over the years.Now somebody go get that Mac!!!
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