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@PCK1 - it appears you do not have any bad-taste genes. Tastefully pushing the envelope at the edges; excellent choices all around.
I don't have any insight into how TV works behind-the-scenes, but I've seen enough times where they've had products with fake brands - like soda cans, beer bottles, cigarettes, etc. - where the brand was clearly a "fake" made for TV - like a red can that looks like a coke but isn't (maybe CocaCola didn't want to pay them for product placement?).I don't know whether that's the case here, but I've just kind of always assumed that any marquee in a tv or movie show that isn't...
The license says 6'4", but it's more like 6'3".Hence why I haven't been able to score much Luxeswap - has there ever been anything with a 34" inseam?
You're right, the 95% is true. But those 5% loom large. It's a shame that's what jumps to my mind first and not all the smooth transactions with great buyers. Squeaky wheels and all that.Thanks for reminding me they are the minority
ugh; hate that. I'm fine with legit questions even if they're just kicking the tires. But the question, after question, after question, and measurement, and question, and double check and then .... never heard from again is just rude. If nothing else, a final "Sorry, I changed my mind" is appreciated.
I gotta say, it's a shame that B&S needs a crutch like this - but if that's what it takes to find good stuffs good homes, then let's
Ahhhhh, like the late Paul Harvey would have said "...the rest of the story"
Those are a deal. If they were in my size, I'd insta kop.edit: geez, they've lingered on B&S since Jan? Back in the old days we would have been joshin' it up over someone's first CJs in "Recent Purchases" by Feb.
Aaaaawwwwwww yeaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Very well done. At least from these pics, the museum looks very tastefully executed. In recent months, I've seen too much "museum" getting more and more garish.
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