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Well done!
One of the best question and answer set I've ever read.
NIce tie, but that jacket is
Wow, she is a keeper!
I feel like you're working me over about my adelaide aversion.... lookin' good.
@Nick ^^^ great info, thanks for sharing!
Good tip; I'm eyeing the blue cotton+silk one below (there's one in cream online too). Can anyone comment on it's fit, especially the length? In most euro, like mainline Zegna, I'm a 50. I'm particularly concerned if this may be a trendy "shorter" cut which I would not be interested in. Since there are no refunds (only credit) I'm a little hesitant.
Fellow boot nut here (though I'm still missing Jodhpurs) - congrats!!!This is not the way; get them out there and broken in so that in the better season they have some patina.ps - I'm in sweaty, sweltering central Florida and my boot stable is in heavy rotation now.
Thanks for the info. I am still in decision mode, but your input helps!
Embrace it. Down any other path lies madness.
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