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What's there to like? I mean, is there anything worse than a Brit expat living here and criticizing/satirizing American politics and law? [...deleted...]
Ahhhh, I should have made the connection.If you're going to keep down that path, I look forward to a fantastic Laura Dern at some point.
All good, but...Wow!...and, great deal on the LP mac!
As an aside, your latest avatar is weirding me out. I miss your old one - wasn't it David Lynch?
Kamigata looks great, can't wait for mine to arrive!Nice to see with a collared shirt too; most of the pics have been with tshirt crew necks which, while I may give that look a whirl, it's outside my norm.
Not that I really care, but this is how not to sell a suit (from an ebay'er I won't bother to mention).
That's a better than great price, especially for any SF newer members who are looking to make that first step up and away from Cole Haan level stuff.
They're all great - and the camo is bonkers! - but that crosshatch still has me under it's spell, so glad you able to source some more of the fabric! If I thought I could get the cotton linen into that hue with a couple of dozen washings, I'd be on it.I just stroked one crosshatch in medium off your shelves.
That's how my thoughts on it evolved too. Once it clicked in my mind that it was wearable more like a cardigan and less like a jacket - something in between them - the lightbulb went off and
New Posts  All Forums: