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And at the rate things are moving, at least in the shoe market, it feels a bit like B&S again.
Those are a great deal, and worth quoting a pic for. Also note that in addition to the usual box and bags they come with OEM Vosh trees, that's a super nice bonus.The downside of those shoes is they will probably make the rest of your collection look like shite; you have been warned.
I'm fessing up. I was going to post these on Best of B&S but I ended up not doing it because I was smitten with them. And, even though I swore myself off with purchases, well ... you know what happened. So, these are some Best of B&S that have already been bought, sorry if someone else out there missed out. They still deserve a mention here, even if it's after the fact. Ron Rider x Leffot "Hobo" Boots in Reverse Calfskin Original Leffot pic Seller's Real-World...
The Guy from Shanghai has landed a shipment of NWT striped Borrellis at good prices and in a range of sizes. More goodness like this here
I'd say this is generally good advice; however, it makes the most sense once someone is basically stocked. For the newbies who are coming in from the world of fast-fashion (note: they probably aren't jumping from that to Eidos, but...) sales on better quality stuffs let them upgrade enough to get away from junk. Once you get a generally OK-to-good stable, then change gears from quantity to quality and focus time/resources on upgrading individual items to super high...
Ah, ok. I would have gotten it if it was WWSbD? One initial is clearly not big enough for the both of them, but carry on.
@MurlsquirlWhat would .... Stitchy? ... do?(ps great sweater, but like you I'm in Florida and am overstocked on little-to-no-opportunity-to-wear things)
...but:Hmmm. Not trying to impugn the seller, but I'd have some hesitations there. That said, quoting a pic for full-on drool effect; unless you've got an aversion to shell these are a grail:
Just thought I'd chime in with comments as a first time Bonobos customer on some recent purchases... I'm generally tall and on the slim/athletic side - 6'3" at about 180lbs, a 33" waist and a 41 - 42" chest and wear a 35.5" sleeve. Finding sweaters that are relatively slim and still have enough sleeve to work for me has been near impossible. I've seen plenty of ads touting Bonobos "slim" knitwear but generally disregarded since their other slim offerings - shirts and...
I'm only 2 days in on my first pair of suede anything - Aldens, btw - and am already succumbing to what Cleav warned me of: suede fever. I suddenly see suede shoes in a whole new light.And, while a week ago I would looked at these and liked the color but been off put by the suede, my reaction now is more "Whoa, those are awesome." , followed quickly by "I know I've spent too much this month already, but I wonder how much they go for..."In short, beautiful blue suede shoes!
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