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@chickenfark Ditto, plus would like to see more pictures! It looks like a less show-ey / more subtle take on "museum calf"
@justinkapur all three jackets look fantastic, congrats!!!!
Beautiful; congrats! Not only on your new chest, but on a wife who is clearly a keeper.
Congrats, looking good! Could you identify the fabric on the top 2 blue shirts? Appreciated!
[head scratch] why is that called a Cardigan? Is it just a name that a marketeer labelled the shoe or is there actually a shoe type called "cardigan" that I've missed all these years; maybe for the mix of suede and leather?
I've been quite disconnected recently, but had to +1 this - both to Spoo and those who funded it. Y'all are angels.
I've been out-of-touch with SF for the past couple of weeks and missed it too. Have been on the fence between the Purdey model's last and the traditional Islay but would have jumped on these and not looked back at that price.
Ditto, I think I marveled at the same thing a few pages back. Having received yet another shirt from the other side of the globe in less than 72 hours, it's not a fluke and I'm still amazed.
I couldn't resist snagging this casual Boglioli shirt from Mr. Porter's sale:
Beautiful, but it would kill me to see the wear and tear accumulate on it. Even as a carry on, travel has a way of heaping abuse upon things ... they created ballistic nylon for a reason Still, congrats!
New Posts  All Forums: