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You are correct. To paraphrase: there are the quick, and the hungry less well appointed.
Ditto, or rather, we'd be squabbling
This is way to good to still be hanging around. I would buy it right now if I could get the sleeve length to work for me. It's like the perfect summer navy odd jacket for a song. GRAIL: NWOT GORDON YAO BESPOKE H&S CRISPAIRE NAVY FRESCO JACKET
Congrats Stitchy! When the little one grows up you can show him the pic and tell him "See, no man walks alone..."
Just thought I'd mention that:erk's comment made me check out the linkI liked the jacket, saw it was Drumohr and was surprised it was a jacket (though very sweater like) and that it was cotton. I've only ever seen them do wool stuffs...Decided to search for other Drumohr stuffs and found the shirts. Hmmm...Saw the white, casual, cotton/linen 15.75; double checked the measurements and - snag! - it's in my cart and bought.I've never seen Drumohr stuff other than wool/cash...
I would totally bag this - it's a fantastic jacket at a great price - if only the cuffs weren't functional, which makes them too short for me (yes I know there's 1.5 sleeve to let down, but I wouldn't like where the buttonholes would be then). I'm only pointing it out so that: 1) if you're in the market and the dimensions work for you, what are you waiting for? 2) if you're not but have an inkling that you might need to pass things along in the future, making button...
What, wait, who? Form has to follow function, F 'em if they don't get that. Granted I'm sympathetic as a fellow traveler in a sweltering+humid environment, but I don't see why anyone would give you crap about it.
Wow, that grey gingham linen is some fantastic cloth. I'm going to pull one of your other pics of it here because it's such good looking material. Linen in gingham is fairly rare to begin with, but that looks to be about the most tidily woven linen I've ever seen.
Geez, do I know the feeling...
^^ I have nothing useful to contribute, other than to say I like the grain of the Vass lasts better. And, that be some serious pebblin' action on the Vosh. I know that doesn't help, but it's all I got.
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