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I had forgotten about this thread. Nice to see it's still going strong. As a totally coincidental aside, there was someone watching "tv" on his phone in a stall today. First time I've ever drained it while someone else was doing something like that. I was hesitant for a moment with a gut reaction like "my stream's going to make some noise and intrude on his listening". Then, fuck that, and broke the damn lose. And, yes, I think the noise intruded on his...
BOOM! That's what I'm going for May you acquire them and wear in good health!
Whew, that's some pressure there. Let's see if I can keep it going...Carmina Inca last double monk size 10 UKAlden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Straight Tip Blucher - 12.5 C/EAlden NST Boot in Color 8 Shell on Plaza and Commando from J GilbertEpaulet 34R Tattersall SportcoatNWOT 38/48 Borrelli and Isaia sports jackets!New in Box Crockett and Jones Skye 3 Boots Navy Calf Grain Leather UK10.5Size 16 █ NWOT Barba Napoli Shirt █ GRAIL Blue Oxford Cloth, Spread Collar, Slim...
And with Vosh trees too, it's a no brainer.
I rolled the dice on Brackley "boot" (more like a chukka). Yes, yes, they'll be cheaply made (even at $90 full price, they almost have to be craptastic) but I've never had a chukka anything and liked the moc toe on this instead of the usual plain toe. I thought if nothing else, I could use them to play around with the style and see if I like it enough to hunt down something better.
The Nordic Fit recently highlighted this Carmina snuff suede semi-brogue shoes (http://thenordicfit.com/carmina-rain-last-oxford-shoes-suede-goodness-for-spring) but I can't seem to find anyone that has them - does anyone know of a source for them?
+1, absolutely required with used clothing (from anywhere, not just B&S).Tailoring, shrinkage, adjustments, etc. all add up to the chance that it might not still be what the label says or even "standard" for what it would be like if you bought it new. Measurements on all your critical areas are necessary for success.Oh, and keep in mind that not everyone is a good measurer and sometimes fabrics can or construction can make accuracy difficult; be explicit in how you want...
Not everyone's cup of tea, but for the right person it will be
9UK Crockett & Jones Whiskey Shell Cordovan Harlech NWT ETRO Cashmere Blazer light brown size M 38R Stephan Schneider - AW12 Rugs to Riches scarf More Drops!: BNWT Luigi Borrelli Dress Shirts 15, 15.5, 15.75, 16, 17.5 (Price includes shipping within US) Cleverley, Saint Crispins, Bemer, Trickers, Sargent, Vauk, Sanders
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