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I've recently become a fan of Italian shirt maker Sonrisa, but they are very hard to find online. Does anyone know of any stockists other than the few sellers on ebay and yoox? Appreciation in advance!
+1 for over the calf dress wools like pantherella, bresciani, falke, etc.
Cool, but not as cool as
I suspect that's why dieworkwear suggested straps; no escape from duty.
I believe that makes them the TG73 (I've never seen a Wigmore on a MH71).That said, @luo6232 take look inside the tongue, G&G's usually have info like this:Where it says DG70 in the pic, yours should say TG73 or something similar; that's the shoe's last and what Clee is asking about (others will want to know too).Hope that helps!
I felt compelled to post this somewhere.
The vertical arcs of the lapel rolls flowing right down through the quarters is fantastic. What artistry and craftsmanship.
^^^ I suspect some visual tricks might be at play above. On the mannequin, the jeans are mid-to-low rise (though not ridiculously so) but they also seem to be positioned higher on the torso than where a real person would wear them, giving the jacket a longer appearance. Conversely, the Mr. P model's pants look both mid to high rise and insistently worn below the natural waist making the jacket look shorter. My .02 just from observation, those with the facts can weigh in...
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