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Greg - any chance on another go 'round at the Inis MTO? I just stumbled across a great fit pic on the web* of the linen cardi pub jacket with the narrower lapels and am kicking myself for not having gone in. Like, kicking myself. (* not posting because it's not from Inis but from another retailer)
Congrats - but needs full glory repost, like this:
I'm sitting here wearing RL shell Marlows and can say that these Lincoln's are not dupes and fill a more casual role:The Marlow is a full strap (generally considered more formal)The Lincoln is a split toeThe stitching on the top of the Marlow is different than that of the Lincoln (not sure how to describe the Lincoln).I'm only taking the time to write this because if these were my size, I'd snag them for more casual use; and I happen to have said Marlows
Any chance of these becoming available in some hopsack materials and/or other colors, like a gray?
I'm curious - why would they be a PITA to return? Coupling this with your prev comment makes me think I'm missing something about Brooks Bros return policy that should have scared me off. I've never returned anything to them but it looks straightforward - what am I missing?
Same here re: trying them on first; but they are returnable so if they don't work, well, back they will go.
With Brooks having 30% off, I thought I'd roll the dice on these Peal's.
Why does the diagram on the wall have the guy in his undies?
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