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It just occurred to me that neither Rogue trailers have a lightsaber in them anywhere. It makes sense given the timeline but it just struck me; Star Wars trailers without lightsabers.
Ah, ok - carry on!ps - the vehemence in my comment wasn't so much directed at you per-se but rather the oft repeated wisdom of "cotton for summer suits" usually pitched within the context of "it's too hot for wool"; which I just Do. Not. Understand.
An aside: I've lived in hot + humid central Florida for 20+ years and am very prone to perspire, so I have a lot of experience in sunny, muggy, ungodly heat.If by "summer" you mean "when it's hot" then for the life of me, I do not understand why anyone thinks cotton is a good material for a summer suit or jacket. It's almost always heavier and tighter woven than wool and, if you perspire in it, wool is far superior at dissipating moisture than cotton. I've only seen the...
I must say that second trailer looks like the real thing. I mean, it really looks like it fits in the original trilogy. They really are getting the look, the feel, the vibe right - even with the introduction of new characters plus bits and bobs in an existing story arc; that strikes me as a lot harder than it sounds. I'm really, really coming around on this ps I'm a total Star Wars baby, I saw it something like 13+ times in the theater when it came out. The only...
Billy Dee's shoes are some tough ones to fill. Here's hoping he can pull it off.
@nyarkies Super nice things, even used, tend to retain their value (see Cucinelli, Brioni, Lobb, etc.) Tom Ford pieces are in that league and particularly so for some specialty pieces; I recall a similar Quantum of Solace tie that was made only as part of a limited series that fetched more in the secondary market than retail because of it's provenance.All that said, as I say in my FAQ ( here ) pricing is in the eye of the beholder. Surely for some, it just isn't...
Glad to see you are experienced enough to know what you're getting into; in that case, hope it works out!
This made the latest round of The Best of B&S (Someone Should Buy This!)
This made the latest round of The Best of B&S (Someone Should Buy This!)
New Posts  All Forums: