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That jacket makes you, or probably anyone who wears it, look like a superhero or supervillian. It's like right out of a comic book.I mean that in a good way; it's fantastic as long as you can rock it. If you show the slightest weakness, it will eat you.
Yes And, for those who can't do video:
The quality is very good, I'd say Carmina level (I think I recall someone in the PSA posting a message from Ron when he said as much, even citing Carmina by name). My pair arrived in excellent condition with no defects or problems. Fit and finish was all, flat out, excellent.Bang-for-the-buck is amazing - I thought the quality for Ron's original pricing at about $450 was competitive, at the ~$300'ish he's selling stuff at now, it's a steal. I'm really tempted by the...
If anyone's interested, I got them a few days ago and posted some in-person shots on the shoe damage thread here
Via the PSA thread, I heard that Ron Rider Boots was having a close-out sale of sorts on a line he had been working on but decided to bail (still going on here: http://riderboot.com/product-category/going-going-gone/). I had always had my eye on a RR boot of some sort and thought this was the opportunity to jump in the pool. Granted, these aren't his normal forte; very Italian and a long way stylistically from his more blue-collar makeups, but I thought I could use a...
Like you, I don't know any longer but can confirm that at one time they did.As an aside, they seem to be hard to find online - they pop up here and there - but I've come across them a number of times and, like this pair, thought "damn, those look good ... and at a competitive price"; but just never pulled the trigger.These look very good, especially for the price, even if they aren't bonafide horween shell. If they were my size and I was in the hunt, I'd definitely give...
And at the rate things are moving, at least in the shoe market, it feels a bit like B&S again.
Those are a great deal, and worth quoting a pic for. Also note that in addition to the usual box and bags they come with OEM Vosh trees, that's a super nice bonus.The downside of those shoes is they will probably make the rest of your collection look like shite; you have been warned.
I'm fessing up. I was going to post these on Best of B&S but I ended up not doing it because I was smitten with them. And, even though I swore myself off with purchases, well ... you know what happened. So, these are some Best of B&S that have already been bought, sorry if someone else out there missed out. They still deserve a mention here, even if it's after the fact. Ron Rider x Leffot "Hobo" Boots in Reverse Calfskin Original Leffot pic Seller's Real-World...
The Guy from Shanghai has landed a shipment of NWT striped Borrellis at good prices and in a range of sizes. More goodness like this here
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