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Very well done. At least from these pics, the museum looks very tastefully executed. In recent months, I've seen too much "museum" getting more and more garish.
I haven't had the nerve to show my face 'round here much since I stuck my foot in my mouth a couple of months back ..... but hot damn, the capn is layin on the mustard: Cap, I don't know how your arm can take it. Shoe, after shoe, after shoe...
(sorry for the very late reply, I missed this when it was first posted).I've got a slightly bigger chest than you at about 41.5 I'll also add that the 23" measurement is -right- at the armpits, he bottom seam of where the arms connect to the body. But, it has pretty high and narrower armholes. About an inch lower it tapers to more of a 22.5". Granted, we're talking small differences here, but thought I would point it out and hope it explains the difference. I agree...
A handful of NWT Canali Mainline and Kei jackets at great prices and from a good seller jreigen too. If some were just a wee bit closer to my specs I wouldn't be posting them here...
Love this and great price - if the sleeves weren't finished, we'd be talking! ps - to those who don't know: jr's a great seller
Ahh, I didn't realize; thanks for the correction!
Ouch x2. I'd been waiting for the grain leather brogues (Islays) to come back in my size as well. My interest just waned too.Interesting that the Nubuck didn't go up, it's still at £395.
+lotsa !!!!
Nice stable; and a better pick up than running shoes.
Speaking of which, I've been eyeing the AS Wilson captoe on the 104 last. I'm normally a US 10.5+ (see my last info below) and thinking I should size up to an 11 in these - any comments?C&J 358 UK 9 1/2E: perfectC&J 348 US 10.5D: perfect left foot, the right foot is about 1/4 too small (@#$%!).C&J 325 for RL US 10.5D: a touch big, but OKAlden Plaza Last in 10.5 B/D: greatAppreciation in advance!
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