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The aesthetic has just never clicked with me and I said on occasion that "I just don't like it" for no good reason; But, the more I see it - especially when done well - the less dislike I have for it. I'm still a ways from smitten, but I'm also quite a ways from my original resistance.I look forward to future sessions
You keep chipping away at my resistance to adelaides...
Good info and food for thought, thanks Ich. Still hoping for some more gents to share their "over the hump" tidbits so I can gather enough confidence to join the club...
If they were US10.5s, I'd be posting about them in Recent Purchases. It wouldn't surprise me if these are gone by the time anyone reads this... Carmina Horween Cognac Shell Forest Last Wingtip Boot Brogue UK11
Oh, and someone should definitely pony up for these. If for nothing else, it will remove from my mind the idea that if I sacrificed my toes, I could wear them. New Maftei 9.5US brown full brogue oxfords: [sigh]
@Marblehouse^^^ is setting the pace. Here's my humble contributions for the day: Nice NWT Aquascutum and Allegri rainwear here: And some Boglioli K's in 50 and 52 here. That grey-green would be nice for the coming fall:
First, I'm very aware of the "if you have to ask, you're probably not ready for it yet" rule, but I'm at a tipping point. Last year I added my first db jacket to the stable - a grey flannel odd jacket by Rake. For me, I wear a jacket to work but it comes off when I arrive. Since I'm not in it all day, it allowed me to spread my db wings a bit without having to fully commit. The few times in the waning season I got to wear it I very much liked it. Now I'm smitten with...
Congrats and good luck on the venture. No comments to make, but I'm sub'd to see how things develop.
@PCK1 - it appears you do not have any bad-taste genes. Tastefully pushing the envelope at the edges; excellent choices all around.
New Posts  All Forums: