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I'd love to hear what the free shipping code is, about to make a purchase that comes in under the $150 free ship min.
I am indeed trying to get swole, and don't care as much about cardio or actual physical fitness--would you guys add anything to this? Rotational exercises? Benching?
Swimming might be more difficult for you if you're very fit; people with unusually low body fat (correlated with fitness) can be great at most sports but miserable at swimming, because they have to spend a higher proportion of their energy just to stay at the surface of the water.
Hi all, Title basically says it all--out of laziness and the fact that I have the equipment to do all of these things in my house, I'd like to pare down my workout routines to just these essentials. A typical day might be 100 pull-ups (I weigh myself down for these with a hiking pack full of books, and usually do ten at a time), 100 push-ups (25 at a time), and 100 kettlebell swings (50 lb) or 500 jumps (2 lb weighted rope) or so. I throw dips in whenever I can because...
I actually think that they're something pure, honest, and authentic about the kind of unabashedly Veblen-esque conspicuousness of branding that is popular in Asia right now. There's nothing attractive or even noticeable about, say, seven-fold ties--we all just love them because they're expensive, but at least Malaysians are man enough to admit it.
Very beautifully explained.
Arr, I missed the window on that one--anyone else got a code?
A quick question for all the Yooxers out there--I'm an EU 42 and a US 9.5. Yoox pegs EU 42 as US 9 (and, confusingly, EU 41 as US 8, EU 40 as US 7, etc.)--should I believe the US or Italian sizes? Does it vary depending on the shoe that I want to get? The site doesn't provide much guidance.
That's one of the least CBD outfits I've ever seen.
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