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Hey guys, I just got a new suit and would hugely appreciate any tips regarding adjustments you think ought to be made. Apologies for the wrinkles, it's obviously linen and I've worn it for a bit. Thank you!
Houndstooth pattern, unlined, made in the U.S.A.
Black and white houndstooth, T.M. Lewin, John Francomb Milan. 15-34 Milan slim fit. Navy blue and white gingham, T.M. Lewin two-fold cotton. 15.5-33 slim fit. Brooks Brothers French blue end-on-end. 14.5-32 traditional fit. Happy to upload additional pictures if requested.
Like all aesthetic experiences, architecture obviously relies on the connotations of personal experience. It's not unusual (but also not necessarily defensible) to criticize opinions based on lack of familiarity with the subject matter. StephenHero has probably looked at a lot more concrete and gravel buildings that most people here. To him, this building connotes thoughtful, simple design and lack of reliance on ornamentation or middle-class fetishes meant to connote...
Yes: benchmade is a meaningless, unregulated designation that fancy shoemakers use to refer to lines with less handwork. E.g., machine clicking and closing.
Did we learn that that's possible? Might change the calculus for me.
Considering buying a Saarinen Carrera-top pedestal table during Knoll's sale--I was surprised at how relatively cheap they are ($5,200): Will probably use knockoff Eames wire chairs, because fuck paying $1,200 for a chair: Thoughts? I love wire chairs and pedestal tables, but they definitely toe the line between classic and cliche.
The credited response is to match tie width to lapel width; failing that, 3.5 is the standard.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, bison.
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