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anyone know how the rick a/w 11 'limo' bombers fit? specifically the ma-1.
Lanvin f/w 14
I don't know why anyone orders from Norse store--you can expect to get hit with 30% fees since they refuse to mark down customs, effectively negating any discount you get.
Hey guys, Bought these from a webshop in europe, but they don't fit and the cost to ship them back for a return is like $40, so I thought I'd just sell them here. Only tried on, all tags attached, decided they weren't for me. essentially BNWT. You already know about these--best slim black denim on the market, never goes on sale, great quality, black hardware detailing. Size is 32x32. Price includes paypal fees and shipping on my end. I prefer USPS and will send a...
new balanciagas, pretty ugly colorway IMO
new on forwardforward wish they would stop with the nubuck/patent leather/weird materials and release the classic white and black leather from ss2011. one of my biggest sneaker regrets is not scooping these when i had the chance
11 inches.
beware, you will be raped by customs.
Rick Owens Geobaskets: some say TTS, some say post 2010 models now fit 0.5 sizes big. Which is it?
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