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boris bidjan saberi f/w 14
they're not great, although the fitpic on the model makes them look a little cooler
new tim coppens x common projects for fw 2014
how do this seaons jackets fit? tts (48=m)?
Saks Fifth Avenue is opening a designer sneaker store http://ny.racked.com/archives/2014/02/06/saks_fifth_avenue_opening_mens_designer_sneaker_shop.php?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
Wonder why they recommend going down a size? http://www.mrporter.com/product/409459Don't they usually always run true to size like MMM?
think these are legit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/RAF-SIMONS-BLACK-LEATHER-VELCRO-HIGH-TOPS-/331116215826?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255
ktz f/w 2014
Hey guys, Cleaning out stuff in my closet that I've either never worn or worn rarely. Up for sale today is one of the best and rarest shirts Epaulet has ever made, the elusive Navy Pindot Japanese Flannel. Size medium. Made in Fall 2011 and never again, this shirt is absolutely gorgeous in person--made from an ultra soft Japanese flannel that Michael at Epaulet sourced. I bought this in 2011, wore it to lunch about a week later, and never wore it again. I've since had...
Hey guys, looking for a new with tags Rick MA-1 Bomber, with the down padding, either from f/w 2011 or f/w 2012. i'm a true medium, so depending on season i could be 48 or 50. Willing to pay top dollar. Send me a PM if you have one.
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