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last tencel flight pant question--do they stretch a lot, or stay the same waist as when you buy them?
are you talking about the flight pant or the denim? consensus is that flight pants run one size big?
any flight pants there by chance?
Looking at the tencel flight lounge pants from this season and am wondering--are other seasons cut more slimly? and also, i've only ever seen the flight pants in that shorter capri-esque length. is it a new thing for them to offer it in a longer, more normal length?
came in here for the first time in a long time after thinking about lamb ma-1's the other day and i can't believe the wait times are 50+ weeks now?!!! that's insane. lol @ waiting a year for a jacket.
ugly IMO.
would like to know this too. Are they even doing sales since they went to a webstore-only model?
forgot when s/s sales start up for ssense/lncc/etc, pretty soon right? mid june?
anyone have any experience with sivasdescalzo?
just won this on ebay. think it's legit? looks fine, but not 100% sure.
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