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I'm true 10.5-11, and I take size 9uk with Lanvin, fits well. Also 44 margiela.
Hey guys, Up for sale is a pair of brand new with tags Uniqlo T000 black jeans, skinny tapered. These are the discontinued version that uses the super-soft japanese denim. In Feb 2013, Uniqlo discontinued this version of these and switched to a cheaper, rougher, more shiny denim. These are far superior and no longer available. Really just looking to make my money back here since I paid 50+nyc tax, and I'm eating the shipping and paypal fee on my end. Measurements below....
comin up on 20 weeks for my toj0
would buy an all black version.
bernard wilhelm a/w 13. kind of like these
ah, didn't realize it was in the CWU gallery, though it would be in the MA-1 folder.
really want to see some leather ma-1 pics.
16 weeks and still no blk toj0
these rafs are kind of growing on me
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