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get a 43 in the cp lows and a 44 in the slps.
I bought and returned geos from this season. they fit 0.5 sizes big. if you're a 43.5 in mmm, get the 43 in geos.
Hey guys, have a quick question about the classic white/black geo colorway: are there multiple shades of white that they use for the laces/leather? I just received the ss14 geos, and the laces (and to some extent, the white leather) is almost a beige colorway in person. Is that how they all are, or is it just this season, and in other seasons the laces and leather are a bone white color? These are ss14 these are from 2012 Is it just the lighting, or is the white...
How much does it cost to use Tres Bien's fedex return service? From the US.
anyone know a good place to get a wool/leather varsity jacket cleaned in NYC?
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