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give me your opinion: This one or this one I think the second one looks slightly cleaner, but the first one is slightly more functional, and with the numbers its quicker to tell time. thoughts?
hey mike, what's the chino schedule like for right now + fall?
question never got answered a couple pages ago so i thought i'd try one more time to see if anybody reading this knows: are they updating the black n' white Rick Owens dunks for f/w 11 or s/s 12?
if i want to get some cool fall chinos (size 32), when would be the time for that? should i go to the shop now? september? wait till after that? I want some dark ones, something versatile. let me know!
maybe it's been posted in this thread, but does anyone know if new RO dunks will be coming out for s/s 2012? If so, are there any pics?
Everything looks good except for the sidebar. It's very annoying and takes away from how people naturally read posts and pages.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelPemulis Here is a sizing guide for sneakers, including CP's. maybe helpful. This thread is a trainwreck! looks like the link is broken
another sizing help question. I'm a true 10.5, and get either 10.5 or 11 for everything.. never buy anything size 10. Nike: 11 Clarks: 10.5 Adidas 10.5-11 Allen edmonds: 10.5 Lanvin: 9uk my width is a size D. so, 43 or 44?
Would you say this is better for someone whos a size 10 or someone whos a 10.5-11?
so those lanvins i posted earlier I bought from Farfetch. The boutique shipped them to me via DHL from italy. They arrived in 2 days. That was last week. Today, I got a bill from DHL for $181, a 37% customs fee. WTF!!!! This is on top of the 480 that I paid for the shoes, and 35 for the shipping. Great. Is there anything I can do? Why does Farfetch not tell you that you'll have to pay an extra 200 in customs fees?????
New Posts  All Forums: