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are you planning on making a batch of basic color button down oxfords anytime soon? (grey, black, blue, etc)
I guess I could give my quick weigh-in, as a recent college grad who just moved to NY 6 months ago. I'm from the west coast, graduated from a public state school, nothing fancy or prestigious. Hit up craigslist like mad, got a few interviews for my field lined up (media/advertising). Flew out, spent a week doing interviews, got an offer. Accepted said offer, went back home for 2 weeks, and flew back to NY on a one-way ticket. Slept on a friends couch for the first week...
still no signs of the denim?
no signs of the denim yet?
denim come in yet?
I'm out.
YES. fishtail shipped.
please let us know when you get more kurabo selvedge in!
picks of the knit sweater?
man... seeing those pics is making me wonder if im gonna regret getting a navy! that cracked pepper looks so dope!
New Posts  All Forums: