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proxy package from sharpservice japan came in today. picked up some items from the beams+ sale.
this is one of the best photos from the fw 2011 lookbook
i had to do the same thing. it's already too late, you will be charged a 25% tax.I'm in NYC by the way. Never got a customs bill from Tres Bien, but have gotten outrageous ones from Norse, Farfetch, and others. Makes me think twice about ordering internationally, especially since you don't know how hard you'll be hit until a month later.
I'm getting really tired of the customs charges that come with ordering from overseas shops. can this be prevented anyway? I just got a $86 bill from Fedex for 2 things I bought from Norse Store a few weeks ago. So ridiculous. I'm honestly thinking about not ordering internationally anymore.
checked out a few saturdays items at bloomingdales soho a few weeks ago. i don't see what all the hype is about. they bite the designs of better brands and the quality was lacking. it's also all made in china. pass.
to all the yoox masters: are there certain days of the week that yoox updates with new stock? or do you just random check every so often and hope to get lucky?
damn. just called and it looks like these got swooped on already. DAMN.
just got my corduroy pants back from the dry cleaner and the lower half of the pants is lighter than the top, slightly more faded or something. can i brush them so they're the same? or what? I don't even know how to treat corduroy.
up for sale is a beautiful check pattern shirt from new york label bespoken. made in portugal, this is extremely soft fabric. the shirt has been worn once, and afterwards i paid to have it dry cleaned and pressed, so it's good to go now. originally paid $230 with tax. asking 120--> 82-->61-->$45 shipped. make me an offer if you're interested. accepting reasonable numbers. i ship usps priority and will also include delivery confirmation so you get a tracking number. I try...
anyone know if norse store has a after new years sale typically, what the discounts are like, and whether they mark off most things or not?
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