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hey mike, what's the chino schedule like for right now + fall?
question never got answered a couple pages ago so i thought i'd try one more time to see if anybody reading this knows: are they updating the black n' white Rick Owens dunks for f/w 11 or s/s 12?
if i want to get some cool fall chinos (size 32), when would be the time for that? should i go to the shop now? september? wait till after that? I want some dark ones, something versatile. let me know!
maybe it's been posted in this thread, but does anyone know if new RO dunks will be coming out for s/s 2012? If so, are there any pics?
Everything looks good except for the sidebar. It's very annoying and takes away from how people naturally read posts and pages.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelPemulis Here is a sizing guide for sneakers, including CP's. maybe helpful. This thread is a trainwreck! looks like the link is broken
another sizing help question. I'm a true 10.5, and get either 10.5 or 11 for everything.. never buy anything size 10. Nike: 11 Clarks: 10.5 Adidas 10.5-11 Allen edmonds: 10.5 Lanvin: 9uk my width is a size D. so, 43 or 44?
Would you say this is better for someone whos a size 10 or someone whos a 10.5-11?
so those lanvins i posted earlier I bought from Farfetch. The boutique shipped them to me via DHL from italy. They arrived in 2 days. That was last week. Today, I got a bill from DHL for $181, a 37% customs fee. WTF!!!! This is on top of the 480 that I paid for the shoes, and 35 for the shipping. Great. Is there anything I can do? Why does Farfetch not tell you that you'll have to pay an extra 200 in customs fees?????
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear he's kidding. How big is the stain, what is it? it's just some juice or food or something. it's a small ass dark mark. not really noticable but if there was a way to rub it out of the jeans without wiping away the indigo in that spot that would be tite.
New Posts  All Forums: