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i will be in tomorrow for a medium too.
Hi guys, up for sale is another nearly deadstock shirt. This one is the Engineered Garments chambray workshirt, with the awesome and rare tabbed collar. this is from f/w 2009, and was purchased at SF affiliate Blake in Portland, Oregon for $165. Since then, I've worn it about 4-5 times, and just took it to get dry cleaned and pressed today, so it's ready to go and basically new. Please add 4% for paypal (or pay gift). PM me for any questions.
Hey guys, up for sale is a nearly deadstock Gitman Vintage oxford. This is from f/w 2009 and was purchased at portland menswear shop Winn-Perry. It's been worn about 3 times in the past 2 years. This is the fall/winter weight oxford Gitman, which means it's made of the double-thick oxford cloth. I had it dry-cleaned and pressed today so it's all ready to go. Please add 4% or pay gift for paypal. PM me for any questions. Asking 115 --> 100 --> 90 --> 80 --> 75...
Hate to let this go, but other bills need to be taken care of. This is the Surface To Air Leather Blade Bomber, one of the staple pieces of S2A. size Medium. Bought new from Kiosk 78 in London for $1200. Worn 3 times TOTAL (2 times to a lunch and once to class). brand new. sorry for the shitty iphone pic... better snaps are...
Time to clean out my closet and get rid of some rare older stuff that doesn't get as much love as it needs. This is the second generation TOJ varsity, in the winter weight. I like the OG style varsities because these ones have the super slim sleeves and the 1.5 is the thickest wool used on any of the varsities. I just never get the chance to wear it though. I think I paid $250 off of someone who bought it brand new and decided he was too broke to keep it. I've worn it...
This is one of the dopest pieces from f/w 09 in my opinion, but unfortunately i'm broke. Super soft material, quality construction, great condition (worn maybe 5-10 times total). Dry-cleaned and pressed right before this picture was taken today so it's good to go. Purchased at SF affiliate Blake in Portland for $165. Asking for half that. A great deal for a really dope fall workshirt.
whats the SZ party
It's around the same price ($150) as the uniform wares one ($130).I kind of like the braun one better, but is it weird sporting a logo on your wrist that most people associate with shavers and electric toothbrushes?
give me your opinion: This one or this one I think the second one looks slightly cleaner, but the first one is slightly more functional, and with the numbers its quicker to tell time. thoughts?
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