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bought my first pair of EG workaday cords. I love em, but it's such a weird feeling wearing a non-slim pant. I'm completely not used to it and it feels embarassingly baggy, even though it probably doesn't seem that way to anyone but me. thoughts?
brought in some clothes that i sold off of B&S to work today so i could run to the post office during lunch and ship them out. people asked me what the clothes were for were baffled by my response. "A clothing forum?" "online?" "they just... buy used clothes and pay you to send it to them?" so funny.
posted in the classifieds, but if anyone has rick owens hightops in the black/white colorway in a 44 i will buy them off you if you want some extra cash. hit me up.
if u have any rick owens dunks in a 44 hit me up. Specifically I'm looking for: or
Hi all, got a pair of APC cords from f/w 2009 that I've probably worn 3-4 times total. Paid over 200 for them and I just found them while cleaning out my closet this week. Got them dry-cleaned and pressed yesterday and they're ready to go. new standard fit, size 32. great fall/winter minimal cord. They don't make this color anymore but its one of my favorites and really goes with anything. Asking 105 shipped and tracked anywhere in the US. PM for international rates.
true to size. not overly bulky either.
I'm not sure, but I wore them outside for a little bit, so I don't know if they're returnable.
Hi guys, I bought these from Epaulet in Manhattan yesterday, and after walking home in them, I decided they didn't fit. I sized down when I shouldn't have, and now you get a 20% discount for my mistake. Basically brand new (25 minutes of total wear), these boots are amazing. I'm going to go get the 10.5s later in the day. Best for a true size 10, these will fit perfectly. Crafted in Wisconsin with a rich brown Horsehide leather from Chicago's famous Horween tannery and a...
shameless plug, but my black apc fishtail (medium, brand new with tags) is on sale in the marketplace
New Posts  All Forums: