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Yep, 95's. Great shoe.
Finally picked these bad boys up
Do these common projects running sneakers run the same as achilles do (i.e, size down one?)
waiting on further drops from ssense, nomad, and mr p....
Yep. OG versions (which i'm letting one of mine go, in the sig) fit pretty big, whereas this season to me fits about a size small.
Hey guys, Cleaning out some of the rare pieces in my closet. This is a rare Robert Geller dip dye in one of the OG colorways from the 2012 season: Midnight and Grey. Really dope piece and impossible to find in this condition nowawadays. I wore this thing probably 2 or 3 times and it's been packed away in the back of my closet in a sealed bag ever since--essentially new. Paid over 300 for it. Size 46. Photo: Fit pics:
Just tried on the grey dip dyes and this is correct. if you go TTS it's actually pretty slim. If you like slightly slouchy sweatshirts, size up 1, if you like slim-fit, go TTS.Anyone else with experience for this season's dip dyes agree/disagree?
don't be afraid
Heh, you're probably right. I've been trying to sell an extra pair of my multi-lace sneakers in size 43 but maybe I should just hold onto them.Really sad that this means the wave sneakers won't happen now. Was looking forward to buying those.
Hey guys, Picked up a pair of the new Flyknit Lunar 3 Black Fogs from Finishline the other week. I wore them out to lunch but after walking around in them for an hour or so I realized I messed up the sizing. Unfortunately, even though it's only been worn for less than an hour (and most of that was just in the car and in a carpeted restaurant), Finishline won't let me return them. So here's your chance to get a VERY near DS pair for less than retail, all because I'm an...
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