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for what it's worth, I tried on multiple sizes and I think it's oversized.
a sales associate in NY told me yesterday that for geller, a 46 is a medium, not a 48. is he right?
looking for a pair of black designer sweatpants, nice enough to wear out and not look like a retard. any advice?
21" pit to pit16" shoulder to shoulder26" shoulder to cuff30" shoulder to hem
if anyones interested, i'm selling my unworn indian arrow shirt in a 48
This is the rare and sold out Ethnic Arrow shirt from Our Legacy's F/W 2011 collection. It's sold out everywhere, and the fabric and pattern stitching on it is really nice. Woven canvas twill. Bought it from Folk's online store and it's never been worn before. I ship USPS priority in the US, and will provide a tracking number immediately after shipment. PM me for questions. 21" pit to pit 16" shoulder to shoulder 26" shoulder to cuff 30" shoulder to hem
if u have the grey on grey oversized geller 2-tone sweatshirt in 46, PM me!
they rape u on customs fees
i love the dip dye sweatshirt so much, but $310 is so much. There's no way this piece makes it to sales season, right?
if i want cut some inches from my waistline, what's the best approach? chicken + brown rice every meal? yogurt for breakfast? cutting out carbs? running? im so lost..
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