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if u have the grey on grey oversized geller 2-tone sweatshirt in 46, PM me!
they rape u on customs fees
i love the dip dye sweatshirt so much, but $310 is so much. There's no way this piece makes it to sales season, right?
if i want cut some inches from my waistline, what's the best approach? chicken + brown rice every meal? yogurt for breakfast? cutting out carbs? running? im so lost..
does the waist on leather jackets stretch with enough wear, or if it's tight at first will it always be kinda tight?
Hey guys, up for sale is a nearly new W+H sweatshirt in an extremely rare colorway--the contrasting grey tiger fleece. Soft and luxurious, this piece is from f/w 2009 and has never been reproduced with these colors. In my opinion this is the best sweatshirt that W+H has ever made. Just don't wear enough sweathshirts like I used to though, so my loss is your gain. It's been worn approximately 5-6 times, although at least 3-4 of those times wear just watching basketball in...
Hey guys, up for sale is the extremely rare and dope Supreme baseball jersey from 2010. They're nearly impossible to track down now in this condition. What's this condition, you ask? It's been worn one time and has been wrapped up in the back of my closet for nearly 2 years now. Yes, 1 time. Lots of sheisty people on this forum claim somethings been worn once or twice when it's actually been worn a dozen or so times. Not this one. I distinctly remember wearing it to a...
does the waist on the cwu stretch with enough wear, or if it's tight now will it always be tight?
This is a rare gem from APC's f/w 2010 collection. It's a gorgeous wool overshirt that's meant for fall weather. Paid nearly $260 with tax for it from the APC store in SoHo. Only worn once since purchase, I've had it professionally cleaned and pressed and it's good to go. Extremely cozy yet slim fitting. Beautiful check pattern and great construction, unlike some other APC materials used recently. shoulders: 17 inches sleeves: 26 inches p2p: 20 inches front length: 25.5...
Had to proxy these bad boys from Tokyo over the winter, from the Beams+ F/W 2011 collection. Extremely rare and hard to find now. Only wore them once since I bought them--for some reason I have just been living in denim this year. They're made out of a grey wool that's absolutely gorgeous. woven in japan, it's substantial, but not overly so. Best for a size 32. Paid $430 for these plus proxy fee. made in japan, and with that beams quality and perfect relaxed, yet slim...
New Posts  All Forums: