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can anyone ID this piece?
cheapest place to cop some black raws nowadays?
been asked a bunch of times probably--cheapest place to cop some black apc raws right now? TBS comes out to like 156 with the 20% VAT discount, but not sure if anywhere else has cheaper
can anyone ID this sweatshirt?
owen in nyc has the dip dye sweatshirt in a 44 and 48 available if anyone needs one still.
please make a black ocbd!
black button down oxford..?
why the fuck is it so hard to find a black oxford shirt with a button down collar? damn near every 'designer' black shirt that i see has a non-button down collar, shit just flapping around in the wind.
if anyone can PM me a tres bien code, I will be extremely grateful
the main reason i believed it to be oversized when i tried it on was the super long sleeves that bunched up on me. It's also generally loose. I don't have short arms by any means but that's what I noticed. I don't prefer a 'tight' fit, but i thought the 46 fit like a relaxed medium, while the 48 was really big. put it this way: the 46 was much, much more relaxed fitting than an APC medium sweater.
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