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standard silver zips or all black ones on a black lamb cwu? I can't decide which looks better.
who makes the best cheap black casual trousers? HM, Uniqlo, Zara, someone else? Don't want to spend more than 50-75.
i've noticed this too.
Hey guys, up for sale is a nearly new pair of Yuketen's famous Country Ranger shoes. I bought these from Inventory Magazine's online store about 10 months ago and have only worn them about 6-9 times total, probably closer to 6-7 though. These shoes are gorgeous and perfect for summer with jeans or shorts. You already know the quality that comes from Yuketen... leather rope laces, Brazilian natural rubber soles, 100% naked American leather sewn by hand, made in the US,...
You mentioned that you're considering offering the oxford shirts during the hiatus. What about the trousers? Are those going away as well after the 1st?
Is it possible to get the CWU without the name patch?
For someone's first leather jacket: black lamb bomber or black cwu-45?
anyone know if there's new colors of the oxford shirts in? I have a lavender, light blue, and gray. Looking to add more but not sure if they release different colors ever.
Hi all, up for sale is a pair of Epaulet chinos in the soft Japanese cotton twill fabric. These are khaki colored and have only been worn once. Yes, once. I know a lot of people on this forum will say 'worn once' and that really means 15 times. These, however, worn literally worn on one day, for a total of 4 hours. They're just a tad small on me. Anyways, they're basically brand new and a little over $100 is a great deal for these. They're already a great deal at retail,...
for someones first leather, which one do you like more? black collared moto or black bomber?
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