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anywhere either online or in NYC that stocks the raf dip dyes? Oki ni is sold out. Porter has em but only the burgundy one (looking for black).
Looking into birthday presents for my sort-of goth ninja girlfriend. Which one of these two do you like more? Silent by Damir Doma Karl by Karl Lagerfeld and also, if there's any other ideas for under 200 that you have, lemme know
my pic: PM me for questions.
Hey guys, up for sale is a brand new without tags Heirloom Cardigan from Epaulet. Here's the description from them: "Crafted out of hefty 2-ply virgin British lambswool and tailored in slim silhouette, this classic heavy-knit sweater will add warmth and sophistication to any outfit. Each sweater is knit lovingly by hand by one of two people from a small, seven-person workshop on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and comes adorned with genuine horn buttons from Germany,...
How do you do a 43 in mmm and a 9 in lanvin? I'm a 10.5-11 and a mmm 44 and lanvin 9 fit me both identically. can't imagine going down to a 43 on the mmm. The rick in the 44 is roughly equivalent to the mmm 44, lanvin 9 in my experience. all those sizes meant for a 10.5-11.
Ann D
can anyone ID this piece?
cheapest place to cop some black raws nowadays?
been asked a bunch of times probably--cheapest place to cop some black apc raws right now? TBS comes out to like 156 with the 20% VAT discount, but not sure if anywhere else has cheaper
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