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anyone have any experience with the brand Soulland? I like a few of their pieces, but can't find any info on quality/production country.
ugh, so wack that margielas are excluded. hopefully they do a massive black friday code with no exclusions this week.
MA-1 looks very nice. Still don't understand the resistance towards offering an all-weather technical fabric version alongside it, but oh well. Maybe next season.
I don't think anyone is arguing that the wool will shrivel up and disintegrate, nor do I think anyone is assuming the wool will be low quality. The point is that most people buy an MA-1 to be a beater jacket--it's not held in the same niche, wear-when-it's-nice-out status as a harrington. You talk about leathers, but people beat the shit out of their leathers and they look awesome. Warning that you have to nap down your wool suiting cloth jacket with a towel if you happen...
It has nothing to do with "too nice." It's about functionality.
I see the appeals of the uniqueness of a wool suiting cloth, but for those of us outdoors a lot and not in moderate climates (i.e., NYC), it's not a good option.Ideally, there would be an option for a traditional nylon alternative, just like the leathers have the option of calf or lamb based on how they'll be wearing the jacket. I don't doubt that TOJ could double sales by doing this.
I know Drew doesn't like the nylon available on the market, but I can't be the only one that feels like a more outdoor-friendly protective fabric would be way better. And am I right in seeing that the suit fabric has a subtle pinstripe? Not really feeling it, which is a shame since the silohuette, zips, and everything else looks top notch.
What is wrong with these companies? Do they not care, or are they just hacks?One could say "well, they just want to make money," but yes, so does every company. Good design and profits aren't mutually exclusive (In most cases, I would argue the opposite is true, given similar price points).I honestly believe an average user on SF or Sufu could take a few semesters of a design class and make better designs than the team at MMM or Givenchy, or Lanvin for that matter.
lol, mistyped.
just a warning, norsestore purchases to the US get hit with 20% customs. Had a nice $90 customs bill sent to me by FedEx after spending around $430 on some winter stuff in january.
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