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does forwardforward do anything?
It's working, just seems to exclude a lot of things, including all margiela sneakers
starts early january
31 in dior = you should get a 30 in APC
anyone have any experience with the brand Soulland? I like a few of their pieces, but can't find any info on quality/production country.
ugh, so wack that margielas are excluded. hopefully they do a massive black friday code with no exclusions this week.
MA-1 looks very nice. Still don't understand the resistance towards offering an all-weather technical fabric version alongside it, but oh well. Maybe next season.
I don't think anyone is arguing that the wool will shrivel up and disintegrate, nor do I think anyone is assuming the wool will be low quality. The point is that most people buy an MA-1 to be a beater jacket--it's not held in the same niche, wear-when-it's-nice-out status as a harrington. You talk about leathers, but people beat the shit out of their leathers and they look awesome. Warning that you have to nap down your wool suiting cloth jacket with a towel if you happen...
It has nothing to do with "too nice." It's about functionality.
I see the appeals of the uniqueness of a wool suiting cloth, but for those of us outdoors a lot and not in moderate climates (i.e., NYC), it's not a good option.Ideally, there would be an option for a traditional nylon alternative, just like the leathers have the option of calf or lamb based on how they'll be wearing the jacket. I don't doubt that TOJ could double sales by doing this.
New Posts  All Forums: