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where do you find this stuff?
30% off most things at Antonioli.eu now
If anyone's looking for an unworn shawl collar cardigan in a medium, PM me.
I don't understand why Balenciaga has to ruin their sneakers with stupid color choices. That white/black pair looks nice but just totally ruins it with the green sole. How much doper would a clear sole, or a black sole be? I just don't get it. Lanvin I've already lost hope for as they started making crap after 2010. Leboutin has pretty much always been a disaster, so I don't expect much from them.
^^^ where are those available? Also, anyone know anywhere still stocking these black rubber GATs in a 44?
no forwardforward, huh?. do they even do codes/sales besides randomly marking select things down?
does forwardforward do anything?
It's working, just seems to exclude a lot of things, including all margiela sneakers
starts early january
31 in dior = you should get a 30 in APC
New Posts  All Forums: