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How do you do a 43 in mmm and a 9 in lanvin? I'm a 10.5-11 and a mmm 44 and lanvin 9 fit me both identically. can't imagine going down to a 43 on the mmm. The rick in the 44 is roughly equivalent to the mmm 44, lanvin 9 in my experience. all those sizes meant for a 10.5-11.
Ann D
can anyone ID this piece?
cheapest place to cop some black raws nowadays?
been asked a bunch of times probably--cheapest place to cop some black apc raws right now? TBS comes out to like 156 with the 20% VAT discount, but not sure if anywhere else has cheaper
can anyone ID this sweatshirt?
owen in nyc has the dip dye sweatshirt in a 44 and 48 available if anyone needs one still.
please make a black ocbd!
black button down oxford..?
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