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Hi all, got a pair of APC washed overdyed black jeans in a 32, in the new standard cut. Best for a size 33-34 waist, or a 32 if you're ok wearing a belt. I got these professionally hemmed by my tailor in NYC (original hem stiching), so please make note, these are hemmed to around a 30-31 inch. They will work for people 5'10 and shorter, but above that they might be a little short. Anything 5'10 and under will be good though. Anyways, I bought them, got them hemmed, wore...
Someone posted about this a while back, but I just got back from the 5th ave flagship in NYC and I can confirm that the T000's have been discontinued. The new skinny denim has a slightly waxy, more sheen-y look to it, and is also a bit rougher compared to the softer T000's. Because of that, the newer ones don't look as jet black as the older ones. Additionally, the T000 leather patch on the back is gone on the new ones, as well as the other tag explaining that the denim is...
best rick owens pic from the show
eh, i still like the design a lot. super clean IMO. btw, anyone catch ASAP rockin the 2008 rafs on letterman last night? not really my thing (look too much like ski boots), but an interesting design nonetheless Inspired by Van Doesburg - Model Maison d'Artiste, 1923
SLP's are so bland. They look like a non-perforated stan smith. pass. On another note, I keep seeing these on Tumblr, and every time it makes me mad. Why did I not jump on these a few seasons ago when they were floating around? So dope. If I recall correctly, they weren't even that hyped at the time, and most pairs made it to sale without any fanfare.
not my pic, but here's a fit pic of the SLP highs
beware, norse store charges full customs. expect to pay an additional 30% of your order to fedex.
agreed, a very boring design IMO
you don't have to put a goth ninja up there, but I agree with the above poster that it's way too classic menswear for SW+D. Why have a guy in a suit? There's no discussion threads on the SW+D forum that talk about ties, blazers (besides the random ones offered in the epaulet thread), or anything else in that fit. That guy is not representative of the average SW+D person, they're in classic menswear. Makes no sense.Like I said, doesn't necessarily have to be goth ninja rick...
answering my own question--someone just posted this on tumblr. so amazing:
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