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LN-CC, antonioli, and Tres Bien are reliably duty free. End, Wrong Weather, Norse store are guaranteed to get hit with duties. anyone know about Oki-Ni?
not my listing, but saw this earlier today: http://www.styleforum.net/t/327655/mmm-margiela-gat-sz-44-11-us-bnib
I think these will probably end up being my first givenchy sneakers. they're just so nice.
so, sale season has almost come and gone, but no one seems to be discounting these lanvins. kinda disappointed. do I just have to suck it up and pay the $500 for these, or do they ever go on sale?
I wish common projects would bring back this style of the achilles high top. So cool.
he can do whatever he wants. that being said, if a large percentage of his customer base feels a certain way it's worthy to take note of that.
considering the chef has served it before, this is a weird metaphor. nothing wrong with offering a jacket in multiple fabrics... that's kind of what TOJ was built upon.
an MA-1 option for nylon or some kind of other technical fabric please!!!!
where do you find this stuff?
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