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where are you seeing them on forward? lt looks like they only have the boot-soled version from last season, not the sneakers.
nice, those are cool. I believe they are a navy colorway though, which is kind of disappointing. I think these are the black and white ones I was originally trying to find. so dope. better than the all black or all white coloway IMO. hopefully they bring these back sometime in the next few seasons.
thanks, looks like they're already sold out of 11 when you click on them though.
anyone know if nike ever plans to restock the og black colorway of the rosches? having a hard time finding a size 11 anywhere right now.
currently available at nepenthes.
new rick hightops on ln-cc
As of yesterday they are completely gone except for size 39/40, which they have in the vegas store.
You pre-ordered them from a Balenciaga boutique, right? When I checked yesterday, they were all completely cleared out, unless you're a size 39 or 40.
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