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I tried it on when I was in Aloha Rag in NYC last weekend. Thoughts: it fits very slim, TTS medium's should get the L. It's very thin, which was disappointing, no real padding or warmth to it. strictly a spring/summer piece.
Roshe runs are nice.
ahhh... so many conflicting messages. don't know what to do.
Handmade in Europe with lambskin sleeves, the varsity by luxury start up Enfin Leve is a rare piece now. This is a custom makeup to have set-in sleeves instead of raglan. It's gorgeous. Brand new. Shipping included. Paid 450 for it. Instant $100 discount for a sold out item. Just need to clear cash for medical bills right now. PM for questions. Fits like a true to size medium. Size chart:
anything v-neck wearing blazers casually chinos loafers any kind of visible pocket square or hankerchief obnoxious branding or huge patterns (I'm looking at you, givenchy) peacoats or chesterfields
the current selection at the lanvin store in nyc
a meeting of baller sneakers
those are really cool. I wish they still had the blacks in a 44, would cop asap.
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