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agreed, a very boring design IMO
you don't have to put a goth ninja up there, but I agree with the above poster that it's way too classic menswear for SW+D. Why have a guy in a suit? There's no discussion threads on the SW+D forum that talk about ties, blazers (besides the random ones offered in the epaulet thread), or anything else in that fit. That guy is not representative of the average SW+D person, they're in classic menswear. Makes no sense.Like I said, doesn't necessarily have to be goth ninja rick...
answering my own question--someone just posted this on tumblr. so amazing:
looks like you're right. It may just be the picture, but the toebox does look slightly more bulbous:Also, if i'm not mistaken, wasn't there a black and white version similar to these, with a black almost everything but some white around the back?
I wonder if KVA will ever bring these back. if i'm not mistaken, he hasn't done the all black with this type of sole since 2010. so nice.
if anyone is looking for the shawl collar cardigan in a medium...
does rick owens make any ribbed collar leathers besides the MA-1?
yeah, looking for some derbies with a creeper sole as well.
I'm actually second guessing myself about this now as well. I bought a $300 made in Italy item about 7 months ago in May and they marked it down for me so I didn't have to pay duties. But it seems like over the summer they started marking it at full value. Now I'm hearing that they are still marking full value, but might be swallowing the duties on their end so the customer doesn't have to pay. Does anyone know?
LN-CC, antonioli, and Tres Bien are reliably duty free. End, Wrong Weather, Norse store are guaranteed to get hit with duties. anyone know about Oki-Ni?
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