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balenciaga's from ln-cc have been sitting in DHL's "clearance delay" in NYC since friday. It's now tuesday. What the fuck? Anyone else have any experience with DHL and customs clearance delay?
looking for a nice slim pair of lux sweatpants for summer, in black. any ideas?
what's the deal with lux sweatpants for summer 2013? been looking for a pair like the acne johnston--part sweatpant, part tech material--to rock this summer, but not sure what's out there. or even just a fly pair of all sweatpant material sweats that have some nice features. any recommendations? .
Hey guys, up for sale is a pair of lightly worn (around 3-5x) Norse Projects cords. I wore them to a few meetings after I bought them in fall, had them professionally pressed and cleaned, and they've been sitting folded in an oak dresser for some months now, so it's time for them to go to a home that will actually wear them. Thick wale cord, lux material made in italy, these are really comfy. A striking navy colorway. Asking for 120 shipped and tracked anywhere in the...
just ordered from ln-cc...
I'm somewhere between a us 10.5-11 depending on the sneaker, and I go with a size 9 lanvin.
those are some kind of weird acid washed black/dark grey tinged thing. I just want an all black 3 strap sneaker, no gumsoles either, only black. Not sure if they will ever do it though.
wonder if they'll ever release an all black version of these. or an all white
WSJ hatin' on the prada creepers!94491708-45DD-4077-99A0-653D79402F5B
looks like some gross KVA multilace sneakers in a green/navy colorway are coming for fall--look on the bottom left. (from KVA's f/w 13 showroom)
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