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from the robert geller thread: looks like some new geller x cp's are on the way.
Hey guys, up for sale is a pair of barely worn (around 5x) Norse Projects cords. Have been professionally pressed and cleaned and good to go to a home that will really break them in.Thick wale cord, lux material made in italy, these are really comfy. A great dark green colorway. Asking for 120 shipped and tracked anywhere in the US. A great deal for basically new cords that are sold out everywhere and cost $200. Standard size 32's wil fit this well. inseam: 32...
You might have bought the old denim, which is still in stores but isn't getting restocked. The old denim is soft and pajama-like, while the new denim is a tougher, waxier feel.
I've never seen the attachment in real life, but I have noticed that it looks amazing on a coat rack, but weirdly poofy yet tight in fit pics. Maybe it's just the fit pics I've seen though.
which one do you guys like best: 1. 2. 3.
anyone have the size chart from the anniversary toj0 a year or two ago? Trying to find it to compare to this new one and can't seem to locate it.
I tried it on when I was in Aloha Rag in NYC last weekend. Thoughts: it fits very slim, TTS medium's should get the L. It's very thin, which was disappointing, no real padding or warmth to it. strictly a spring/summer piece.
Roshe runs are nice.http://www.champssports.com/product/model:175563/sku:11881010&SID=7391&inceptor=1&cm_mmc=SEM-_-Engine-_-Google-_-Plusbox
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