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I ordered one, but to my knowledge none of the TOJ0's have shipped yet.
obviously no one knows for sure, but with the re-release of the black velcro rafs this fall, do you guys think that means an all-white leather velcro release is imminent?
5'6, thin/skinny, not wide features or shoulders, slim throughout.
trying to find a cool looking women's black top for my girlfriend's birthday in a few weeks. Anyone here have any ideas? Was thinking of this tank from acne, but it looks weirdly long. Trying to spend around $100.
just got a DHL customs invoice for $93 for my balenciagas from ln-cc today. What the hell? I'm assuming this is a mistake on their part since the ln-cc site says all pricing is inclusive of customs. Hopefully they sort it out. No one here has had to deal with anything similar, have they?
how are you guys lacing your balenciaga pleateds? regular or straight across
ryan lochte has ruined margielas 4ever
last wednesday. sigh
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