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[quote name="harvey_birdman" So, when you depart this world who do you not want to attend your funeral?[/quote] Anyone better dressed than my corpse.
Take fewer shirts / sweatshirts than you think you'll need. Buy them there, get a souvenir, kill two birds with one stone.
BTW . . . hasn't anyone tweeted him that that is a really bright red tie? He might want to change if he intends to make this a marathon into tomorrow's news cycle.
Good for Senator Paul. It's nice to also see *some* of the liberals in this country recognize that they have a stake here, too, and perhaps they should pay attention to this debate.
Actually, I think you can. Baby boomer generation is just starting to retire. Will that result in majorities? Maybe not.
I think we tread on dangerous ground when the victim's mental state or interpretation of events is considered over than the alleged perpetrator's or what an objective person would think. Wouldn't almost every victim believe that the bad guy meant to do them wrong? That is human nature.
What bugs still need to be worked out? I can't stand constant re-boots when things crash, but I can't find anything indicating how often that would be.
For light scratches (maybe "scuffs" would be a better description), you can buy a bar of Ivory soap and gently rub it into the blemishes. Use a small bit of water. Then get a good cleaner / conditioner and try to buff the scratch out. Don't try this on suede.
Netflix sucks and is getting worse, but I watched The Lincoln Lawyer the other night and it was pretty good. It reminded me very much of a made-for-TV movie because of the cinematography and some of the soundtrack choices, but it was a pretty entertaining download. This is true as much as I normally hate Matthew McConehey (however you spell his name) and Ryan Phillippe.
Michael kept everyone at a distance. Which is odd, since he said Don Vito told him to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer. The only person he let in was that Silician chick he married. And even she ditched him (with a little help from the car bomb). Michael Corleone is a total enigma, like Richard Pryor's character in Brewster's Millions.
New Posts  All Forums: