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nice. was the longer sleeve length intentional? I seem to remember your other TOJ having shorter sleeves.
if you're finished, enjoy your time in CM.
go post in Classic Menswear if you want to look boring.
so apparently b!cd is a mentat
i suppose you've been doing this long enough that even with a mish mash of stuff you can get something decent together.I think I must be one of the few who likes the look of a spread collar shirt without a tie. I like how the point sweeps back under the jacket collar.
trousers look a bit short, but otherwise i think that looks pretty cool.
this watch discussion is kind of surreal, i never would have guessed a bunch of people into $700 boots and $1000 outerwear would think $1000 for a nice watch was too much. I'm not saying theres anything wrong with that though, I know some people aren't into watches. For the record I wear a quartz braun chronograph I bought for £100.
I wouldn't mind an SW&D watch thread but i dont think many people would post in it. actually, is there an sw&d watch thread, or just the one in MC?
pic looks like its from yoox, and that is also probably your best bet, trawl through yoox until you see something you like.http://www.styleforum.net/t/320121/the-streetwear-suits-and-blazers-thread this thread may also have some ideas in it for you.
they say 'air jordan' right on the side.that being said, i dont know anything about jordans, how old these are, or if they're even available anymore (check the nike thread, they may be able to help)
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