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I dunno, I don't remember seeing them mentioned here before.I've only been into their stores a couple times, but stuff generally seems decent. Almost everything (fabric) is blended with polyester though, but that's common for midrange stuff.Their shoes seemed decent too. All leather construction, cool designs. They're not Guidi or MA+ but they're also about 1/10th of the price.
Not the "best I've seen/owned" but I recently picked up this All Saints leather jacket from their outlet store near me, which I didn't know existed. I think their leather jackets usually feel pretty nice and appear to use good leather, good construction, etc. Sometimes a bit over-designed for my taste but there's also usually some more normal looking jackets in the store. I think the normal retail price is pretty good for the quality (£350ish, if I recall correctly),...
My h&m x mmm side zips are probably my most worn shoes, haha. I bought them on a whim and they're pretty good. I think I got them before I got any real MMM. I've had the heel redone but the rest of the sole is still going strong.But yes, I do sometimes buy something, like it for a day or a week or whatever and then never get around to wearing it again.
Cool, cheers.I'm kind of in between sizes too. Most of my suits are 38 or 39, and I am usually either medium or large in most outerwear. Ordered the 48, so we shall see. I was hoping to just wear it with a t-shirt or a sweater if it's really cold.
Anyone know how this COS 'oversized wool coat' fits? Or COS stuff in general? I want to order it, but I'm not sure if its 'oversized' in the sense that overcoats tend to be a big bigger to fit a jacket under, or if it will be bigger than that. I want something kinda slouchy, but I don't want to look like I'm wearing a wool sack.
This very warm and cosy looking cos coat: Also I don't suppose anyone knows how the sizes run? I was in a COS a few weeks back but it was warm at the time so I didn't bother looking at the coats or trying anything on.
I get rocks stuck in the sole of my free runs when I run on the road or through gravel, but the whole shoe is flexy so I just bend it in half and shake the rocks out. Do it outside.
pile lined sweatpants are so comfy and warm. Perfect now that the weather has turned and its freezing outside.
Cool, cheers, probably worth a shot then.Just noticed the 'boiled wool' sweaters were on sale half price also, will give that a shot, hopefully not too ichy, but I can just wear a t-shirt under it.
Does anyone have any comments on the 'Lambswool Crew Neck Sweater'? its not the U one as far as I know: (not sure if this link will work right outside the UK). Same as this on the US site: I'm looking for a kinda-chunky sweater I can just wear kinda oversized and slouchy, not looking for a thin sweater like the V-neck types people wear with a shit and...
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