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the answer is... it depends.some denim brands stretch alot (like APC) some denim brands hardly stretch at all.My experience with levis is that they stretch a bit, maybe an inch or two in the waist, knees will stretch, thighs will loosen up a bit. That being said, it really depends on the denim used, and levi is a big company. They probably have factories in many countries all using slightly different denim.non stretch denim will be 100% cotton, where stretch denim...
sorry, I dont like raglan shoulders, so you dont get max's sf approval
this is a good quote to have here.
aaand i just inadvertently restored the tie. both cool looks.
Holy hell that moto is nice. Those silver zippers really pop. A question to anyone who has had a jacket with silver zips for a long time... do they age at all or just stay sparkly silver forever? Now I really wish I hadn't dragged my feet so long before ordering.
it does, heres the un-photoshopped versionsorry casey
nice. was the longer sleeve length intentional? I seem to remember your other TOJ having shorter sleeves.
if you're finished, enjoy your time in CM.
go post in Classic Menswear if you want to look boring.
so apparently b!cd is a mentat
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