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Mine is back when it was TOJ so lead time was different then (though still quick, as I ordered before the clusterfuck). Same makers, material suppliers, and 2/3rds of the employees though, so I imagine everything else would be the same.I got a lamb moto with gunmetal zips. Leather is thick and very buttery soft. As its worn its got some nice creases in the arms, looks real nice worn in. No damage or tears apart from where the finish has dulled on the cuffs where they...
This would have been good information to have back in college.
I dunno, I guess they mean the same thing.I would consider my APC's 'high contrast,' they're a few years old now, and have been washed a bunch of times (probably 10+) but I'm pretty sure the first wash wasn't until a year in. [[SPOILER]] If I washed sooner I'm sure the knees and lap would still be lighter than the rest, but I probably wouldn't have got the lines on the lap or backs of the knees.
Same as TOJ, great quality leather and workmanship on mine.
I've never washed raw denim when new, but I like getting really defined fades. If you're not bothered with high contrast fading it probably doesn't matter so much, the loss of starch will just make them more comfortable a bit more quickly.
I kinda like a slightly dropped shoulder. Better than too narrow.
So I should try neutralizing first and then washing, or just wash now?And I think it was you, haha. Good memory.
Those the ones that come packaged?If so, I've got a drawer full of them, great shirts. Fabric isn't great but they don't shrink (noticeably, anyway) and the cut is perfect for me. I just buy a ton and throw them out when they start getting ratty. My t-shirt drawer is filled with only them, and baggy Hanes V-necks for when I want to looks slutty.I remember getting a grey supima cotton shirt a few years back, felt amazing. Tried one the next year and the fabric wasn't...
I remember someone saying a few years back that if you bleach clothes (like jeans) you should neutralise the bleach with hydrogen peroxide afterwards for reasons I can no longer remember. I've done some googling but nobody says what will happen if I dont. Reason I ask, I bleached some APC jeans about three years ago, washed them after bleaching and aired out for a few days until they lost the bleach smell. haven't been washed since then, are they gonna disintegrate if I...
They def look spray painted. Pretty cool color imo.
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