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I knew it, I'm not weird for not telling anyone I browse here.
It's all a ruse, he's a nudist. Doesn't even own any clothes.
Remember when everyone wore chambray shirts?
The sweatshorts are great, I have some tropical-patterned ones I wear in the summer.Fit the same, and as far as i can tell the quality is the same as their normal sweatpants.
Those look raw to me. When washed, they generally aren't as smooth, plus you start to get fading along the edges, seams get lightly rippled as they shrink just a little bit...I don't think the indigo ones hold their dye as well as the black ones, so they'll fade faster than black.
double post
I think they use the same denim for their washed jeans, so selvedge doesn't necessarily mean they're raw.Also the black raws (non overdye) are not selvedge so theres also that.
I think I'm just biased against collared motos in general. I think it's one of the most boring leather jacket designs ever. Even the black CCP one I don't really like at all, even with the CCP detailing. White though, that looks awesome. Just different enough.
I'm not 100% sure of the reason, but it appears to just be what is offered in the market and what people are used to. Maybe there are some other more detailed differences between the mortgage markets of the U.S. and UK that lead to shorter terms in the UK.When I lived in the U.S., my parents had a 30 year fixed term mortgage but here in the UK, 2 to 5 years seems the norm, though there are more 10+year fixed rate terms available these days. People seem to be happy to just...
Not sure if this post is allowed in this thread, but does anyone know how the sizing is for William Lennon boots (Harnden Combat boot)? Most people online I see say TTS however they're not fashion forums. Someone in this thread said 'down one' though so I'm not sure what to think. Unless that was just meant as down one from US size (since they're in UK sizes).
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